What is Feldenkrais?

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Awareness Through Movement

What is Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method is a remarkable approach to movement, learning and change. The Method is based on the sound principles of physics, neurology, physiology and the martial arts. Emphasizing the conditions under which the nervous system learns best, the Method improves posture, flexibility, and coordination. The Feldenkrais Method helps those with restricted movement, chronic pain, tension, and other common problems, as well as neurological and developmental difficulties.

How Movement Problems Develop

When we are born, our brain maps are virtually undeveloped. As we begin to mature, we learn how to move, sense and talk. Through this process of maturation, the neurology of the brain is developed and refined. However, the process goes well beyond childhood. As we mature, the brain continues to refine our movements by shedding off what it perceives as unused movement patterns in our neurology. In older age, this means we rely on fewer and fewer patterns of action. For many older adults, these patterns become outmoded and dysfunctional. This leads to certain muscle groups and joints having to do most of the work, causing stiffness, stress, pain, compression on the spine, limited movement, and poor posture.

You Can Learn at Any Age

Fortunately, our brains have an amazing capacity for learning. The same processes of sensing, learning, exploring and moving that we used as children are still available to us at any age. The Feldenkrais Method uses awareness, exploration, sensing, and specific movement patterns to free us from restricted habitual patterns, allowing new patterns of thinking, moving and feeling to emerge. This means that older adults can learn new, more comfortable ways of moving, leading to an improved overall sense of well-being.

Why Choose the Feldenkrais Method?

  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Improve brain fitness and physical intelligence
  • Move smarter, easier and younger
  • Replace limiting habits with comfortable patterns of movement
  • Heal faster and more completely from injuries
  • Discover natural good posture and better balance

Feldenkrais Lessons are Taught in Two Complimentary Formats

Awareness Through Movement®

Awareness Through Movement is a series of verbally guided, gentle, slow and organized movements typically done on the floor in a group setting. Lessons may also be done sitting or standing. These lessons guide students’ awareness toward sensing their own movement patterns, exploring new ways of moving, and integrating more choice into their movement habits.

Almost all the products we sell on this site use Awareness Through Movement as the basis for teaching Feldenkrais Lessons.

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Functional Integration®

Functional Integration lessons are a one-to-one approach tailored to the client’s unique needs and organization. Through skilled manipulation, the client is slowly and gently moved in ways that deeply influence organization at a neurological level. Through these lessons, overall functioning and sense of well-being improve and problems diminish or resolve.

Who are Feldenkrais Practitioners and how are they trained? The Feldenkrais Method is taught only by Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionerscm who complete four years of training and are certified by the North American FeldenkraisGuild®and the International Feldenkrais Federation. Feldenkrais Practitioners are required to renew their certification and must meet certification requirements of continued study through advanced training. When finding a Feldenkrais Practitioner, make sure they are Guild Certified.

For more information about the Feldenkrais profession or to find a practitioner in your area, visit the website of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

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