The Sklar Brothers Comedy Team Joke about Feldenkrais

A few months ago a friend of mine told me about a comedy team he had heard on the radio joking about Feldenkrais. “The Sklar Brothers,” he said. I made a note to check them out later. Well, I found them … and their nearly one-minute routine on the Feldenkrais Method. Check it out.

After listening to this, I checked out some of their other videos on YouTube. What impresses me about these guys is how tight they are. They perform as one. Even in an improve situation hey finish one another’s sentences and play off of each other seamlessly. Very impressive.

2 thoughts on “The Sklar Brothers Comedy Team Joke about Feldenkrais

  1. parsonsbj1 says:

    this video doesn’t work (in my country). I guess it has been blocked by the authors. I notice that you can buy the clip from apple iTunes for a dollar or so.

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