Reviews of Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Feldenkrais Functional Integreation Lesson
Gregory Jaramillo, MD

This is a very strong endorsement of the Feldenkrais Method® and my practitioner Mr. Al Wadleigh. After more than a year of sequential work by Mr.Wadleigh, I was asked to share my thoughts on this work and give insight on how it has impacted my life. As a physician afflicted by early disease Parkinson’s, I was in search for a modality that would help me restore a functional balance of movement and coordination as well as self-confidence by engaging the central nervous system back into its regulatory role of innate and learned behaviors of movement. The Feldenkrais tradition has a unique and storied history sustained by disciplined and innovative practitioners just like Mr. Wadleigh. In their practice, they acquire the sensitivity and patience to re-train the total organism back to the original instruction of unfettered movement and balance as it were before we began to modify movement and behavior by poor posture, abbreviated body action and unhelpful habits of movement. For me, it has been a positive and productive experience, as in so many of such it’s all about the journey — where you started, where you thought you were headed, what you encountered, and ultimately what you found about yourself. I am not so naive as to think I could cure myself of Parkinson’s Disease, but I am 50 miles from where I started regarding self-control of movement, coordination, and balance. The road map to change can be tricky to read; I’ve learned to be patient and vigilant of myself and my movement. A therapeutic relationship is central to self-perceived improvement. Mr. Wadleigh models all aspects of the healing role, allowing me to self-discover my abilities and self. It has been a privilege I hope to sustain. Thanks, Al!

Gregory Jaramillo, M.D. / Longmont, CO
Tina Downing

Al’s expertise with the Feldenkrais Method® has changed my life. They wanted to replace my hip, but now I can move that hip completely without pain. His work has also reversed my chronic regional pain syndrome and my wrist no longer hurts! I continue to be amazed at what this Method can accomplish as we continue to work on the other parts of my body that still need to catch up.

Tina Downey, / Longmont, CO
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I had my first hip replacement, which went very badly. I did eight months of physical therapy, then acupuncture with no improvement of the pain or movement in my hip. I had decided that this was the best it was going to get and that my physical life was OVER. Then I heard about Feldenkrais lessons. I knew absolutely nothing about it. I was expecting nothing, but when I left after my first one-hour lesson with Al, I had NO PAIN in my hip. Three years later and after many lessons, I am a completely changed person. Not only have I regained the full use of my hip and leg, but so much more has improved in my life both physically and emotionally. Al’s Feldenkrais lessons have made me whole again.

Miriam Holley / Longmont, CO
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I was skeptical at first about whether this would work for me. After the first class, I was a believer! Not only was I relaxing my jaw, but I also found tension being released in other parts of my body. That is the wonderful thing about the Feldenkrais Method. You learn about how the muscles in your body work together. As a result, you can reduce or eliminate pain you are experiencing before that pain becomes a serious problem. I highly recommend these classes!

P.L. / Longmont, CO
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Al Wadleigh uses his extensive background in movement and psychology to observe each student and adapt each session to that student’s needs. While taking a class with Al, I was delighted to discover what one might call ‘body wisdom.’ Our bodies have knowledge of movement that, when tapped into, can produce healing. I have experienced an improvement in TMJ pain, but more importantly, I am trusting my body more and not overriding my natural movement with my brain. Al teaches on many levels, and I strongly endorse him.

R.W. / Longmont, CO
Leslie Irvine

The Feldenkrais for TMJ class brought me a lot of relief in jaw tension and pain in my face and neck. The lessons made me aware of how I habitually held my jaw in unnatural ways. I would recommend the class to anyone with TMJ issues.

Leslie Irvine / Longmont CO
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I have been practicing Feldenkrais for approximately 2 years with Al and have found great benefits. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for 19 years. By using such alternative types of therapy as water exercise, stretch n’ tone classes and Feldenkrais, I have found benefits that keep me stable. I’ve learned so much about my body and mind through the practice and positions that Feldenkrais teaches. I would encourage anyone, any age, to try it.

Linda Hodge / Longmont CO
Carolyn Hill

I have benefited greatly from Al’s Feldenkrais instruction. I have attended weekly classes at the Senior Center for two years. As I look back, the changes in my well-being over that time are impressive. Before these classes, I had recurring joint pain in various areas and made regular visits to the chiropractor. Through Feldenkrais, I am now pain-free and have not gone to a chiropractor in many months. The difference is also amazing regarding the ease and flexibility of movement.

Carolyn Hill / Longmont CO
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We all have seen and remember the disabled senior who cried out, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” It is my belief that if she had been taking Feldenkrais classes, she wouldn’t have called for help and she could have gotten up by herself. I say this because of personal experience. When I began Feldenkrais in June of 2005, I was bound by stiff muscles and achy bones. Over the months, both conditions improved and I actually could get up by myself. It wasn’t an instantaneous cure and still isn’t, but the gains I have made are remarkable. My balance has benefited, as has my range of motion. It’s a small miracle when you realize the interconnectedness within the elements of your body. I recommend Feldenkrais and Al Wadleigh without reservation.

Gloria Parsons / Longmont CO
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I first went to the Feldenkrais classes because my muscles were weak. I was sitting on the kitchen floor to clean out a cabinet and could not get up. I had to crawl to a chair to pull myself off the floor. Now getting up from the floor is no problem. Also, I do the “grapevine” as a way to increase balance.Doing it was very hard.Al had the class do some movement that used the hip muscles to increase coordination.Doing the “grapevine” after that class was an easy thing to do. I will continue to take Al’s Feldenkrais classes as long as they are taught.

M. Williams / Longmont CO
Dawn Kairns

Al’s gentle manner and skill with the Feldenkrais Method dovetail into a wonderful healing experience. I left one session with literally a new way of walking, with much more balance and ease. The Feldenkrais Method has increased my body awareness tremendously. I highly recommend Al’s work.

Dawn Kairns / Boulder, CO
Joelle Porter

I really enjoy Al’s Awareness Through Movement® class. Each week he guides us through simple, direct exercises and the results are outstanding. By listening to my body and incorporating subtle changes in movement, the stress-related aches and pains in my neck and shoulders are gone. This class is very empowering.

Joelle Porter / San Fransisco, CA
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Al Wadleigh is a remarkable Feldenkrais Practitioner. He brings extraordinary clarity and sensitivity to his work in his precision, perception, and execution. I have experienced — in a few sessions — a ​resolution to issues that I have been working on for years. He accomplishes in a few sessions what others take years to do. He is dynamic with his work, willing to try things outside the box to achieve the intended results. I highly recommend Al as an expert Practitioner who can contribute on a high level of healing, self-improvement and facilitate your goals.

Bret Williamson / President, Light Stones, Inc.
Tess Lorraine

I started getting Feldenkrais work from Al Wadleigh a couple of years ago. I’d heard that Feldenkrais was NLP of the body, identifying new choices in neurological patterning through movement. I had studied quite a breadth of work in the movement arts through a degree in Dance Therapy and as a Yoga Instructor. I am also an NLP coach. I was curious (and skeptical) of what Feldenkrais could offer me that I hadn’t experienced previously in my studies. After working with Al for a short time, the quality of how I related to my body and daily movement began to change dramatically. New channels of information were opening through my nervous system, physical trauma and pain were gently releasing. My yoga teaching was raised to new levels as I integrated Feldenkrais principles. As an NLP coach, I began to make greater links into mind-body patterning and felt I had whole new dimensions that I was facilitating change through. Al is an exceptional Feldenkrais Practitioner. He has an extensive skill base in NLP and related fields, a generative approach to health, and a commitment to excellence in the work that he does. He has inspired me to have great respect for the gentle yet powerful discipline of the Feldenkrais Method.

Tess Lorraine
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I have suffered from pain caused by fibromyalgia, arthritis, and peripheral neuropathy for the past ten years. I have always been a very strong kinesthetic learner, and as I have thought about my experience with Al and Feldenkrais, I have realized how very perfect this has been for me. Over the past year, Al has taught me to pay attention to how my body responds to gentle movements. I have learned to move with ease and comfort without pushing to a painful stretch. I’ve become more at home in my body and have integrated mind and body into a comfort zone I’ve never known before. I thank Al for this and his dedication to the Feldenkrais Method, and I highly recommend his sessions.

Sue Wilson