Recent Additions

Alan Questel

What is Walking?


Author: Alan Questel
Media: 6 CDs or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons

Beck Behling

Beginning with Foam Rollers

A Feldenkrais Spin to Foam Rolling


Author: Becky Behling Media: MP4 Video Download, 15 Feldenkrais Lessons

David Kaetz

Listening with Your Whole Body

Better Hearing Through the Somatic Experience of Sound


Author: David Kaetz
Media: Book, Paperback, 180 Pages

Dennis Leri

An Introduction to the Primitives

Radical Insight into Functional Integration


Author: Dennis Leri
Media: 6 DVDs or MP4 Download

Al Wadleigh

Regain Your Youthful Movement

Feldenkrais Mat Class

Longmont Senior Center: 303-651-8411 Dates: Continuous Time: Tuesdays, 10 am – 11 am

$80.00 $70.00

Author: Moti Nativ
Media: 2 DVDs or 2 MP4 Downloads

Al Wadleigh

Eyes 1 – AY 15


Explore several key functions of the eyes through movement and imagination - saccades, smooth tracking movements, convergence, and divergence.

Kindle Versions

Thinking and Doing – Kindle Version

A Monograph by Moshe Feldenkrais

Author: Moshe Feldenkrais

Kindle Versions

Hadaka-Jime – Kindle Version

The Core Technique for Practical Unarmed Combat

Author: Moshe Feldenkrais


This lesson creates a powerful ease and openness through the entire chest and back. Movements of the spine through the chest help to differentiate ribs and vertebra.

Al’s Reading and Listening List

How the body knows its mind

the surprising power of the physical environment to influence how you think and feel

Author: Sian Beilock