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Al Wadleigh

Circling the Heels


By working in various positions and turning the heel or heels out to sides, you begin to cultivate agility in the ankles and lower legs.


Fun and a playful lesson of getting to know your feet. You will learn to differentiate, move, and sense the different parts of the feet.


By exploring many ways of painting imaginary lines with your feet, you enhance their awareness and create ease in your hip joints and lower back.

CDs and MP3 Downloads

Healthy & Dynamic Legs


Author: Marek Wyszynski
Media: 13 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 21 Feldenkrais Lessons

Alan Questel



Author: Alan Questel
Media: MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons


Author: Alan Questel
Media: 6 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons

Carol Kress

A Mid-Summer’s Dream ATM Intensive, vol. 2

The Highest Point of the Hip Joint and the Toes, Sole & Swinging Legs series


Author: Dennis Leri and Carol Kress
Media: 2 MP3 CDs or MP3 Download, 22 Feldenkrais Lessons

Feldenkrais Books and eBooks

Stop Sciatica Now

Help Yourself Eliminate Back and Leg Pain


Author: Pamela Kihm
Media: Book, Paperback or PDF eBook, 100 Pages, Illustrated


Author: Elizabeth Beringer
Media: 4 CDs in a Binder, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons


CDs and MP3 Downloads

Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 3

Improving Your Legs, Feet, Ankles, Spine


Author: Eileen Bach-y-Rita
Media: MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons

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