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Jerry Karzen

Mindful Movement Series

Balancing the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Nervous System


Author: Jerry Karzen
Media: MP3 Download, 12 Feldenkrais Lessons


Mary Debono

Age-Proofing Your Dog

A Feldenkrais Approach to Enhancing Lifelong Health and Vitality


Author: Mary Debono
Media: 4 MP4 Videos in Low Res and Hi Res

Donna Ray


The Feldenkrais Way


Author: Donna Ray
Media: 3 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 5 Feldenkrais Lessons

Lavinia Plonka

Have a Comfortable Flight

Simple Exercises to Stay Flexible While in an Airplane Seat


Author: Lavinia Plonka
Media: 1 CD in a Jewel Case or MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons


Miriam Levenson

Effortless Gardening

Easy Movement Lessons for Pain-Free Gardening


Author: Miriam Levenson
Media: MP4 Video and MP3 Audio

Carrie Lafferty

The Walking Way

Stepping Into Awareness


Author: Carrie Lafferty
Media: 6 CDs or MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons and 5 Qi Gong Meditations

Jack Heggie

A Healthy Back

In Less than 20 Minutes a Day


Author: Jack Heggie
Media: 1 CD in a Binder or MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons

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