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Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman

Frank Wildman, author, speaker and educator, is recognized as a pioneering advocate for the Feldenkrais Method. Frank studied for more than a decade with the creator of the Feldenkrais Method, renowned physicist, engineer and Judo Master, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Frank conducted the first accredited Feldenkrais Practitioner Training after Dr. Feldenkrais’ death in 1984. He is the past president of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America and formulated the Standards of Practice, which today serve as the defining guidelines for the Feldenkrais Method internationally.


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Author: Frank Wildman
Media: 9 DVDs in 3 Binders, 23 Feldenkrais Lessons

Frank Wildman

Change Your Age Book

Using Your Body and Brain to Feel Younger, Stronger, and More Fit


Author: Frank Wildman
Media: Book, Paperback, 240 Pages


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