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Yochanan Rywerant

Yochanan Rywerant

Yochanan Rywerant (1922 – 2010) first met Moshe Feldenkrais in 1952 when Moshe started teaching his Awareness Through Movement® lessons. He faithfully attended these lessons for 15 years until the first practitioners’ course was opened. Before the end of the course, Yochanan was invited to work as Moshe’s close assistant. He fulfilled this role until Moshe’s death in 1984. He assisted at all three of Moshe’s practitioners’ courses in the U.S. and was famous for his extremely precise work; his efficacy and the full attention he devoted to each and every movement.


Feldenkrais Books and eBooks

Corollary Discharge, The Forgotten Link

Remarks on the Body-Mind Problem


Author: Yochanan Rywerant
Media: Book, Monograph, 35 Pages


Author: Yochanan Rywerant
Media: Book, Paperback, 256 Pages

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