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  1. Jan Bloem

    In my opinion this is a book you can read again and again and each time you can make a new connection. A connection which explains more about Feldenkrais as a person or his method for example. For me personally it made connections with my own development as a human being but also as a professional. It showed me for example the possibility that something I considered to be purely Russian might have been ‘boroughed’ from the Jewish society. This perspective is very interesting and might solve many problems as it will create them also. A must read!!

    Making ConnectionsMaking Connections

  2. anibley@comcast.net

    This is a wonderful series of lessons, targeted specifically to the pelvic floor with very effective movements. Each lesson is explained slowly and precisely, and Deborah Bowes has a wonderful, gentle voice. The recordings are not recorded classes, as some of the audio sets offered here are. I have bought many MP3 and CD sets from this site, and this is one of my favorites. I will use it again and again. I wish Ms. Bowes would offer more I would buy them all.

    Pelvic Health and Awareness for Women and MenPelvic Health and Awareness for Women and Men

  3. Laurie Raleigh NC

    This is a great program of Feldenkrais for the equestrian. Being already well practiced in Feldenkrais in general, I have already experienced great improvement in my riding. This program really focuses on connecting the sensations of the movements to riding. I highly recommend this.

    Riding with the Whole SelfRiding with the Whole Self

  4. annegiesefoust@ymail.com

    I came across “The Power of the Pelvis” because I have a prolapsed. I know the movements were not for this, but on the other websites I explored for help, I was confused about what was happening. I am in great shape, but I felt I had lost control. Some said no kegals, others said it was a must. All I discovered was that I did not understand my pelvis and had no clue who or what to listen to or what to do. So I gave this a try, because sound functional movement makes sense to me. I had done yoga, somatic and the Alexandra Method {?} before. This- The Power of the Pelvis- not only help me become more aware of myself and what was happening with my pelvic but it opened The Feldenkrais Method to me. I feel like I had found myself again and everyday I make the time to rediscover myself. I love moving and my body.

    The Power of the PelvisThe Power of the Pelvis

  5. mr.sevens

    Great CD workshop. Alan’s teaching is clear and insightful.

    The Moment Where We Begin...The Moment Where We Begin…

  6. gcpt@telusplanet.net

    Highlights key role of hips in balanced movements. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to follow his instructions. I do enjoy his sense of humour.


  7. pfilkin@gmail.com

    Hi. Very good product. I’m glad I bought it.

    Sex The Feldenkrais Way For Men and Women: Subliminal VersionSex The Feldenkrais Way For Men and Women: Subliminal Version

  8. miltonth198@hotmail.com

    I’ve been having limited range of movement which makes it difficult for me to move my neck, which also caused stiffness in my back area. The Feldenkrais method, which I’ve purchased for different physical problems, has been a great relief, make me more flexible and leaving me with a feeling of ease. Try it for yourself you will be amazed, but you got to dedicate sometime to do the guided exercises.

    Freedom and Carriage of Your HeadFreedom and Carriage of Your Head

  9. Judy Windt

    What a delicious course of breathing lessons is Lavinia Plonka’s “The Breath Connection”! In this CD, she guides you through five lessons, interspersed with valuable information about the mechanics of breathing, anatomy, vibration, how the emotions affect the breath—and how the breath can positively affect your emotions. Lavinia’s presentation is uniformly clear—you won’t have trouble understanding these instructions. She is always warm, and often humorous. And it is wonderful to hear the full, rich instrument of her voice, giving the learner confidence that this teacher deeply embodies what she teaches.

    The Breath ConnectionThe Breath Connection

  10. Lavinia Plonka

    I am reading David Kaetz’s The Ezekiel Code for the second time. This is remarkable for me since I have a pile of books on my reading waiting list, and I generally tear through literature quickly and voraciously, devouring what seems worthwhile, digesting what I need, spitting out the rest and moving on.
    But The Ezekiel Code has me in its thrall. When I first received it, I felt cheated. $18 plus shipping for this tiny volume? Don’t be put off. This gem of a book is worth every penny. As Kaetz says in his forward, the book is “both thin and dense.” And for anyone who has felt the spirit move in them after a Feldenkrais
    lesson, it is a hymn to re-membering who we are.
    Kaetz’s prose often reads like poetry, it seems as if every word in the book was carefully crafted, meditated upon and maybe even sung before reaching the page. Tying a biblical passage of Ezekiel to the study of the self (Kaetz points out that the word bone in the King James Bible is the Hebrew word etzem which signifies self) he takes us on a mystical journey from the dryness of unconsciousness to remembering our dignity, from the effect of gravity to being upright and human.
    There was a passage that brought me to tears, reminding me of why I chose this profession, as well as connecting our work to being something beyond simply moving bones:
    “When brokenness is replaced by wholeness, at that moment, in that sweet spot of connectedness, the feeling of being in exile is replaced by the feeling of being at home in oneself. The holy land is when you feel whole.
    When your student stands up after a lesson, feeling taller and stronger, with his or her original face shining, the worry gone from the eyes, home again, alive again, ready to return to the world with a new perspective, you are a making Ezekiel a happy prophet.”
    This book is an inspiration that both practitioners and students can return to again and again to remind themselves of the poetry in Awareness Through Movement®.

    The Ezekiel CodeThe Ezekiel Code

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