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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It is a wonderful gift to the feldenkrais community but the accompanying booklet could have been more extensive.

    Unbound! Gentle Movement Lessons for Breast Cancer SurvivorsUnbound! Gentle Movement Lessons for Breast Cancer Survivors

  3. Rachel M. (verified owner)

    Mmmmm, such a cozy 40minutes šŸ™‚

    Self HugSelf Hug

  4. Eva Scher

  5. IstvƔn Heimer (verified owner)

    another gem, effect l felt for days, thank you Al!

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  6. Jane Brooks (verified owner)

  7. Jane Brooks (verified owner)

  8. Judith (verified owner)

    Love free items. I have not listened to this yet, but I expect to teach it to my ATM class.

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  9. Cathy I. (verified owner)

  10. Cathy I. (verified owner)

  11. Cathy I. (verified owner)

  12. Ronald H. (verified owner)

    Great product. Very helpful. Has helped so much with relearning to walk after so much personal trauma.

    Core Integrated Walking for Health and FitnessCore Integrated Walking for Health and Fitness

  13. Mairead (verified owner)

    Loved this!
    Started with a lot of tension in my upper back (too much driving lately).. feels much more alive and at ease now. But lesson about much more than that.. lots of unglueing, particularly between the central axis and the rest. Also discovered that my left side was much more elastic and giving than right.
    Enjoyed it immensely.. Will revisit soon.
    Thank you Al šŸ™

    Self HugSelf Hug

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  16. THERESA L. (verified owner)

  17. Janet Witherspoon

    I am 82 and I was worried that this one was going to aggravate my right hip joint which is arthritic. Or so my doctor tells me. But I felt as light as a butterfly afterwards. Thank you!

    A Feldenkrais Tribute Lesson to King Crimson's A Feldenkrais Tribute Lesson to King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man”

  18. THERESA L. (verified owner)

  19. Virginia Craft (verified owner)

    Before doing this lesson, lying down and observing my body, I felt constriction in my ribcage when I would breathe deeply. After this lesson, I noticed a considerable difference, noting an openness, softness, and expansion in my ribcage and side body. Wow! My breathing feels deeper, more effortless, and I love feeling more aware of oxygen entering the different lobes of my lungs. Not to mention, Al’s guidance provides the perfect amount of words and information. I highly recommend this, and it’s an excellent precursor to meditation, which is how I’ve been using it!

    Gluing in the LungsGluing in the Lungs

  20. Margriet (verified owner)

  21. Ryan Nagy

    A perfect session for this lazy Saturday afternoon in Mexico. I dozed off once or twice so will need to repeat it. Is this session your own creation? There are themes that are familiar to me but put together in a unique manner. I am finding that I am MUCH more aware of specific muscle contractions in my neck. And also how those contractions are related to a tension that I get in my lower back from time-to-time. Looking forward to doing this one again.

    A Feldenkrais Tribute Lesson to King Crimson's A Feldenkrais Tribute Lesson to King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man”

  22. Ryan Nagy

    Nice one. Very gentle and has a nice slow, build up to the final series of movements. I went for a walk with my dogs afterwards and could really sense the connection between my pelvis and head.

    Skewering the Spine in the ChestSkewering the Spine in the Chest

  23. Marilyn

    Excellent. The session relieved the pain in my hip.

    Skewering the Spine in the ChestSkewering the Spine in the Chest

  24. Michael Bresser

    Very good lesson. I love Al’s work.

    Skewering the Spine in the ChestSkewering the Spine in the Chest

  25. Paulina

    Loved it and will keep working with it. Is perfect for my current situaciĆ³n. A favourite one. šŸ™‚

    Shoulders, Head, and HipsShoulders, Head, and Hips

  26. Michael (verified owner)

    Very nice lesson. Your style is excellent, Hope to herar more from you.

    Shoulders, Head, and HipsShoulders, Head, and Hips

  27. jean (verified owner)

    Love the lesson.

    Breathing RhythmicallyBreathing Rhythmically

  28. THERESA L. (verified owner)

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to follow along. I have been to a Feldenkrais therapist so it was simple for me to know what to do. Without a visual however someone who has not done Feldenkrais would probably struggle with the verbal instruction only.

    Shoulders, Head, and HipsShoulders, Head, and Hips

  30. Lina Wahyuni ā€‹ā€‹Noor (verified owner)

  31. Matthias Riessland (verified owner)

  32. THERESA L. (verified owner)

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  35. Claire Babidge (verified owner)

  36. Ryan Nagy (verified owner)

    I needed this one. Thanks! It helped me release a great deal of muscular effort that I was holding in my right hip and right shoulder. Very gentle and easy, it put me in a very relaxed state. I could see people doing this in bed as a way to fall asleep at night.

    Shoulders, Head, and HipsShoulders, Head, and Hips

  37. Judy Windt

    This is a clear and informative summary of the origins of the Alexander Yanai lessons and how they relate to the whole of Moshe Feldenkrais’s work.

    Alexander Yanai  Intro TalkAlexander Yanai Intro Talk

  38. Robin Cooney

    I remember this talk from Al’s class … I was there! As always, Al’s passion for Feldenkrais comes through as he talks about the fascinating history of the Alexander Yanai lessons.

    Alexander Yanai  Intro TalkAlexander Yanai Intro Talk

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  40. Barry Davis (verified owner)

  41. Barry Davis (verified owner)

  42. Barry Davis (verified owner)

  43. Barry Davis (verified owner)

  44. Barry Davis (verified owner)

  45. Rbin R. (verified owner)

  46. Allen Simmons (verified owner)

  47. Rbin R. (verified owner)

  48. Ryan Nagy (verified owner)

    I sometimes have this weird disconnection/limitation that pops up in my left hip joint from time-to-time and playing with this jaw, head, eyes, knees session was awesome. Thanks!

    Integrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and KneesIntegrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and Knees

  49. Lori K Myers, PT, DPT, OCS, GCFP (verified owner)

    I love Alā€™s teaching style. His choice of language and pacing drew me deeply into a sensorial experience that facilitated my awareness of what I was doing and the ā€œinterconnectednessā€ of different parts of myself. He skillfully led me to reduce my effort to clarify my sense of myself. I have done many Feldenkrais lessons over the years as a practitioner and I found Al to be a very talented teacher in doing my first lesson with him. I felt great after this lesson!

    Shoulders, Head, and HipsShoulders, Head, and Hips

  50. Terri L Rossi (verified owner)

    I especially enjoyed the ā€˜alternatingā€™ rocking across the diagonal. Great for medially rounded shoulders ā€“ which everyone in the techo era has to deal with!

    Shoulders, Head, and HipsShoulders, Head, and Hips

  51. Jenne Lewkowski – Occupational Therapist (verified owner)

    The lesson – “Integrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head, and knees” provides the perfect pathways to the “basic milestone” of human beings. This is a very clever combination that moves us through a sequence of natural neuro-developmental patterns into a state of ‘achieving excellence’.

    Al’s voice is clear, resonant and pleasing. He providesĀ ā€œjust rights challengesā€ regarding speed and execution.

    Easy, powerful and effective.
    Thanks Al!

    Integrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and KneesIntegrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and Knees

  52. Moyra Earnshaw

    Thank you, I really enjoyed this lesson. It’s so simple and feel good. I’m going to teach it this week.

    Integrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and KneesIntegrating the Eyes, Jaw, Head and Knees

  53. David Jorgensen (verified owner)

    Good lesson,simple and straightforward.It gives plenty of room to explore one of my ‘tricky’ areas – the mid back/thoracic spine. Nicely taught.

    On the Back Twisting the Spine with the Head FixedOn the Back Twisting the Spine with the Head Fixed

  54. Yousef Mubarak (verified owner)

    As someone fairly new to Feldenkrais, I want something that is both practical and helps me understand the method. Alan Questal does a great job of both. The ATM instructions are easy to follow and the talks before and after do a great job of integrating theory and method.

    The Pleasure of Challenge - The Challenge of PleasureThe Pleasure of Challenge – The Challenge of Pleasure

  55. Marco Calamassi (verified owner)

    That was very clear and useful. Thanks a lot.

    Chronic Pain TreatmentChronic Pain Treatment

  56. Marco Calamassi (verified owner)

    I found it very clear and useful.

    Head to Toe Foam RollingHead to Toe Foam Rolling

  57. sloc (verified owner)

    Very interesting video, with clear information about the connection of feldenkrais and martial arts especially judo and examples of its application. It also shows the importance of awareness in the path of personal development!
    The download did not work in the first place but thanks to quick support of the responsable store owner everything I could get the article

    Dynamic StabilityDynamic Stability

  58. Constance Hunter

    ā€œUnbound!ā€ is a must for any woman recovering from breast cancer. It is obvious that the lessons were developed from working with women whose bodies have been traumatized by surgeries and other cancer treatments. Itā€™s a great way to regain mobility and facilitate healing.

    Unbound! Gentle Movement Lessons for Breast Cancer SurvivorsUnbound! Gentle Movement Lessons for Breast Cancer Survivors

  59. Judy Windt (verified owner)

    Hi Al,
    I downloaded and did your free AY #10 ATM this afternoon. What beautiful teaching! Utmost clarity, and excellent pacing, diction, tone, emphasis. It couldnā€™t be better! Of course, I had all the expected effects of blackness and deep relaxation.
    Very much appreciated.

    Covering the EyesCovering the Eyes

  60. [email protected]

    An amazing look into the mind of a young Moshe Feldenkrais. Even then elements of what would become the Feldenkrais Method were present in his thinking.

    Thinking and DoingThinking and Doing

  61. [email protected]

    This DVD is very good, both the content and the quality. I use it very often. The explanation and the image make everything clear. A great purchase! Kind regards.

    Dynamic Sitting ExercisesDynamic Sitting Exercises

  62. Thomas

    Wonderful vocal articulations with simple and effective lessons. -Thomas

    Vocal Integration with The Feldenkrais MethodVocal Integration with The Feldenkrais Method

  63. [email protected]

    After doing the exercises with Moti at a workshop I was amazed at how much better I felt. I purchased this video to use so I could continue to practice Feldenkrais. The video gives good background information and I enjoy the activities which allow me to continue my body awareness and conditioning.

    Effective Response to the Changing EnvironmentEffective Response to the Changing Environment

  64. [email protected]

    This wonderful book saved my vacation this summer. I had to spend 20 hours on airplanes and trains which would have been awful, but among the exercises are numerous ones which can be done sitting or standing and not drawing attention. My Feldenkrais practitioner worked with me using the book [which she had recommended] so I could use the book as a reference to better remember what we covered. The illustrations are excellent and the instructions include fine points of execution and help guide exploration of the range of each movement.

    Stop Sciatica NowStop Sciatica Now

  65. [email protected]

    This is an extraordinary book! A great resource for working with children of all ages from 5 to 95! I love the concept of Wellness Through MovementĀ®. This book should be part of the curriculum of every school and every Feldenkrais teacher should have it. I so want parts 2 and 3! When are they going to be available? I hope soon.

    A New SENSORY Self-Awareness: Part IA New SENSORY Self-Awareness: Part I

  66. Jan Bloem

    In my opinion this is a book you can read again and again and each time you can make a new connection. A connection which explains more about Feldenkrais as a person or his method for example. For me personally it made connections with my own development as a human being but also as a professional. It showed me for example the possibility that something I considered to be purely Russian might have been ‘boroughed’ from the Jewish society. This perspective is very interesting and might solve many problems as it will create them also. A must read!!

    Making ConnectionsMaking Connections

  67. [email protected]

    This is a wonderful series of lessons, targeted specifically to the pelvic floor with very effective movements. Each lesson is explained slowly and precisely, and Deborah Bowes has a wonderful, gentle voice. The recordings are not recorded classes, as some of the audio sets offered here are. I have bought many MP3 and CD sets from this site, and this is one of my favorites. I will use it again and again. I wish Ms. Bowes would offer more I would buy them all.

    Pelvic Health and Awareness for Women and MenPelvic Health and Awareness for Women and Men

  68. Laurie Raleigh NC

    This is a great program of Feldenkrais for the equestrian. Being already well practiced in Feldenkrais in general, I have already experienced great improvement in my riding. This program really focuses on connecting the sensations of the movements to riding. I highly recommend this.

    Riding with the Whole SelfRiding with the Whole Self

  69. [email protected]

    I came across “The Power of the Pelvis” because I have a prolapsed. I know the movements were not for this, but on the other websites I explored for help, I was confused about what was happening. I am in great shape, but I felt I had lost control. Some said no kegals, others said it was a must. All I discovered was that I did not understand my pelvis and had no clue who or what to listen to or what to do. So I gave this a try, because sound functional movement makes sense to me. I had done yoga, somatic and the Alexandra Method {?} before. This- The Power of the Pelvis- not only help me become more aware of myself and what was happening with my pelvic but it opened The Feldenkrais Method to me. I feel like I had found myself again and everyday I make the time to rediscover myself. I love moving and my body.

    The Power of the PelvisThe Power of the Pelvis

  70. mr.sevens

    Great CD workshop. Alan’s teaching is clear and insightful.

    The Moment Where We Begin...The Moment Where We Begin…

  71. [email protected]

    Highlights key role of hips in balanced movements. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to follow his instructions. I do enjoy his sense of humour.


  72. [email protected]

    I’ve been having limited range of movement which makes it difficult for me to move my neck, which also caused stiffness in my back area. The Feldenkrais method, which I’ve purchased for different physical problems, has been a great relief, make me more flexible and leaving me with a feeling of ease. Try it for yourself you will be amazed, but you got to dedicate sometime to do the guided exercises.

    Freedom and Carriage of Your HeadFreedom and Carriage of Your Head

  73. Judy Windt

    What a delicious course of breathing lessons is Lavinia Plonkaā€™s ā€œThe Breath Connectionā€! In this CD, she guides you through five lessons, interspersed with valuable information about the mechanics of breathing, anatomy, vibration, how the emotions affect the breathā€”and how the breath can positively affect your emotions. Laviniaā€™s presentation is uniformly clearā€”you wonā€™t have trouble understanding these instructions. She is always warm, and often humorous. And it is wonderful to hear the full, rich instrument of her voice, giving the learner confidence that this teacher deeply embodies what she teaches.

    The Breath ConnectionThe Breath Connection

  74. Lavinia Plonka

    I am reading David Kaetzā€™s The Ezekiel Code for the second time. This is remarkable for me since I have a pile of books on my reading waiting list, and I generally tear through literature quickly and voraciously, devouring what seems worthwhile, digesting what I need, spitting out the rest and moving on.
    But The Ezekiel Code has me in its thrall. When I first received it, I felt cheated. $18 plus shipping for this tiny volume? Donā€™t be put off. This gem of a book is worth every penny. As Kaetz says in his forward, the book is ā€œboth thin and dense.ā€ And for anyone who has felt the spirit move in them after a Feldenkrais
    lesson, it is a hymn to re-membering who we are.
    Kaetzā€™s prose often reads like poetry, it seems as if every word in the book was carefully crafted, meditated upon and maybe even sung before reaching the page. Tying a biblical passage of Ezekiel to the study of the self (Kaetz points out that the word bone in the King James Bible is the Hebrew word etzem which signifies self) he takes us on a mystical journey from the dryness of unconsciousness to remembering our dignity, from the effect of gravity to being upright and human.
    There was a passage that brought me to tears, reminding me of why I chose this profession, as well as connecting our work to being something beyond simply moving bones:
    ā€œWhen brokenness is replaced by wholeness, at that moment, in that sweet spot of connectedness, the feeling of being in exile is replaced by the feeling of being at home in oneself. The holy land is when you feel whole.
    When your student stands up after a lesson, feeling taller and stronger, with his or her original face shining, the worry gone from the eyes, home again, alive again, ready to return to the world with a new perspective, you are a making Ezekiel a happy prophet.ā€
    This book is an inspiration that both practitioners and students can return to again and again to remind themselves of the poetry in Awareness Through MovementĀ®.

    The Ezekiel CodeThe Ezekiel Code

  75. cryan

    Simple, precise, scientific without loosing the creativity – nicely aligned with DellaGrotte’s unifying Core Pathways practice research – a must for anyone interested or practicing Tai Chi.
    -Chris Ryan

    Tai Chi QigongTai Chi Qigong

  76. mjwings

    I’m on my third time through the program. Each lesson a revelation and workout. I’m so pleased and grateful to undertake this. Such a rich exploration. And I love love love the invitation to record my voice at the beginning and end of each lesson. It gives me tangible proof of changes in my vocal capacity. [There’s a cool example of that on YouTube. Old but inspiring].

    Vocal Integration with The Feldenkrais MethodVocal Integration with The Feldenkrais Method