Covid-19: What Are You Doing With Your Time?

Covid-19: What Are You Doing With Your Time?

So, tell me more…

Yesterday I sent an email asking, “how are you spending your time?” 

I happily received a number of replies. But that made me even more curious.

Tell me more … What are you doing?

• Are you working on a project?

• Are you doing Feldenkrais Lessons? If so, which ones?

• Are you stepping back and using this time for introspection and planning?

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

I finished this deck a couple of days ago. That was two weeks’ worth of work.

View from our new deck overlooking the Cerra Chato Valley.

Feldenkrais-wise I’ve been working my way through Dr. Feldenkrais’ recently released Israeli Defense Force Radio Lessons. I’ve been doing one a day then writing about my experience with each one. I follow that up with an outline of the lesson.

Business-wise I’m figuring out the infrastructure to start offering online-classes on Zoom so people can register through my website.

So, what are you doing?

Working on any projects? Working with Feldenkrais lessons? Which ones?

Share here. Add a comment. Tell a story. Let’s learn about what each other’s been up to.

12 thoughts on “Covid-19: What Are You Doing With Your Time?

  1. Franz-Joseph Schumeckers says:

    I am finally getting my butt up and record free ATM’s for my students and the public. So they can stay grounded the best they can. No money, but tons of appreciation.

  2. Ruth Marr says:

    Re- re- readingMoshe’s books. Doing & creating my own atms with myself & practicing on my dogs, carefully & gently. !!!

  3. Jean Elvin says:

    Haha – ditto! Wanting to try ATM remotely. (no money, but I’m sure it will greatly benefit everyone as we stay connected). It’s a path I otherwise would not try….. The risk is that I find I spend way more time in front of the computer, myself. See ya later – time to get up 🙂

  4. Linda Dorland says:

    So many things being offered on the internet, I am watching the Plum Village Meditation retreat courtesy of Lion’s Roar Magazine, then my Guru in India, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is doing daily videos ,; then the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center is sending out daily teachings; Al sent us a wonderful Feldenkrais lesson, so many generous people around the world., with so much being offered I am again like a student, in my hunting/gathering mode just trying to soak it all in . In the evenings I watch DVD of older tv shows that make me feel good, such as Norther Exposure, Twin Peaks, X Files, Friends, the Harry Potter movies. And ice cream for dessert. Feeding my inner child. Love peace and health to everyone out there. Thanks Al !

  5. Maureen Edwards says:

    My days are pretty well filled. I now have ample time to garden and to practice piano and voice. I also have recent Feldenkrais purchase on the eyes which is really fascinating. I’m grateful that I can be outside and enjoy fresh air and that, because of Feldenkrais, I can dig (literally) in my garden without any ill effects. I’m in my 70s and have better agility, coordination and strength than when I was much younger. I think this is an endorsement for Feldenkrais. Thank you for asking how we are doing.

  6. jean Rice says:

    Hi Al, Beautiful deck and view! I have been sneaking out to my garden lately trying not to bring down the wrath of the snow god. I have been doing many lessons and somehow I managed to lose my Pelvic Clock lesson (am in deep despair.) It won’t open anymore. HELP

    • Al Wadleigh says:

      Hi Jean, Thank you for your comment! My site was attacked on April 1st – a Denial of Service Attack – so my ISP set up some strict rules to prevent malicious bots from doing that again. But the rules also prevented people from accessing their purchases. I had them remove the strict rules. You should be able to access your lessons now. Btw, do you have an account on my site? I have set it up so you can play all your audio from your account on your phone or any other device.

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