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Movement Nature Meant – Ruth Alon

Movement Nature Meant is an artful demonstration by Ruthy Alon of the gracefulness in Awareness Through Movement and how spontaneity and harmony in movement are aspects of bodily intelligence. In this beautifully produced 30-minute film, she describes both verbally and through her own movement the wide scope, variety and sophistication of the Feldenkrais Method and [...]
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Feldenkrais Method Achieves What Medicine Could Not

An inspirational story about the body's ability to teach the brain. A baby born 20 years ago without a third of her cerebellum was given a grim prognosis by medical doctors: she could never walk or talk. Now the young woman enjoys a nearly normal life and is a college student. She and her family attribute her amazing recovery to Feldenkrais, a unique therapy developed in Israel and based in part on the belief that the body can actually teach the brain.
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Russell Delman Explains the Feldenkrais Method

International Feldenkrais Trainer, Russell Delman, offers an overview of the Feldenkrais Method and a tribute to Moshe Feldenkrais. Mr. Delman explains why the Feldenkrais Method is the most effective way to break up compulsive patterns and promote the evolution of human functioning. He offers the latest in neuroscience research that supports this incredible work.