Snowboarders Achieve Break Through Results with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Lessons

Margaret McIntyre offers snowboarders a profoundly different way to learn which automatically leads to improved performance.

Moving into Comfort

It would be an excellent seasonal gift, states Al Wadleigh, owner of The Feldenkrais Store and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(cm), for the snowboarder who wants to improve his technique and move to the next level of snowboarding.

The audio program, Integrated Snowboarding, represent the culmination McIntyre’s years of experience as a physical therapist, ski instructor, snowboarder, short-board windsurfer and Feldenkrais Practitioner. They also reflect her involvement with the Delaney snowboarding camps for adults as an Awareness Through Movement instructor.

By combining principles from the Delaney Method of Snowboarding with the Feldenkrais methodology, McIntyre offers the snowboarder “a profoundly different way to learn which automatically leads to improvement in performance.” The Awareness Through Movement lessons in this audio program promote sensory understanding leading to a vital and fine-tuned awareness about how the snowboarder moves and balances in space. Using the information in these audios the snowboarder can learn to easily adapt and react to varying conditions of speed and terrain and achieve a new versatility and fluidity in boarding.

During the audio course, McIntyre not only explains the four platforms of the Delaney Method (foundation, alignment, suspension and shoulder orientation), but also shows how the Feldenkrais Method® can be used to achieve optimum realization of these platforms.

The snowboarder listening to these lessons will learn:

  • how to give the brain the information it needs in order to learn indirectly,
  • the importance of the trunk and pelvis for powerful, balanced, and dynamic boarding,
  • how the movement of the head must be linked to the movement of the pelvis in order for the spine to move in a flexible way,
  • the relationship between the shoulder blades, ribs, and hips, and weight distribution,
  • how to align the body over the turning edge of the board,
  • how to generate toe and heel turns from the center of the body,
  • the secret of the spiral for effortless suspension,
  • how to build a sensory image and how to use this image to create an effortless snowboarding technique.”

All of the lessons on McIntyre’s CDs build to give the boarder an increased awareness through different planes of motion. It is this heightened awareness, McIntyre states, which allows the expert snowboarder to effortlessly execute the continual adjustments and alignments required for powerful, efficient and creative snowboarding. Margaret McIntyre’s Integrated Snowboarding audio lessons are available now at the Feldenkrais Store.

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