A Mid-Summer’s Dream Awareness Through Movement(r) Intensive

A Mid-Summer's Dream ATM Intensive

by Dennis Leri and Carol Kress
2 MP3 CDs or MP3 Download, 20 Feldenkrais Lessons, $95.00

Develop a profound feel for the depth and breadth of the practice of self-inquiry known as Awareness Through Movement. Carol and Dennis present a carefully designed series of 20 lessons. Some lessons require slow, small movements while other lessons necessitate large, fast actions. Some elicit positive behavioral change by first re-imagining of your ways of acting. In others you first act differently to bypass and exceed your imagined limitations. Through an embodied understanding of awareness it is easy and engaging to overcome self-limiting habits of knowing, thinking, sensing and feeling. The lessons are as fun as they are provocative. The lessons are done lying, standing and sitting.

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