Review of Stop Sciatica Now

From The Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, Winter 2009.

Stop Sciatica Now

“Stop Sciatica Now: Help Yourself Eliminate Back and Leg Pain” by Pamela Kihm. Published by, Evanston, IL. Soft cover,spiral bound or downloadable format. 96 pages, $39.95

The author is a recreational therapist, exercise instruction, and certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. This self-help book begins with an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method® and then provides a briefreview of the anatomy review of the sciatic nerve and spinal alignment. Thebook takes the reader through several exercises to help determine proper posturein a variety of positions. An emphasis is placed on reorganizing skeletallyfor pain free movement. The reader is then lead through detailed explanationsof gentle exercises to help increase mobility and decrease pain. There areillustrations and pictures to assist the reader in performing the movementsas well.

Constructive fidgeting is addressed with a special focus on mobility of the “rib basket” in many different ways. The author then addresses functionalactivities such as walking, driving, and transitioning. A chapter is dedicatedto resuming activities such as biking and lifting with confidence.

Although the numerous details make the book difficult to follow at times, it does emphasize the importance of correct form in movement and exercise. The terminology is not the same as commonly used in PT, but it does convey a similar meaning. Patients looking for gentle movements to increase mobility and decrease pain will benefit from this book. Practitioners who have some knowledge ofFeldenkrais could certainly use this book to augment treatment. The Feldenkrais appears to be a helpful tool in the treatment of pelvic pain.

Bobbie Stergar, PT, CLT, Dunlap, IL

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