Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Hi, I'm Al Wadleigh. I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm practicing in Madrid and Cerrillos, New Mexico.

I am deeply passionate about the Feldenkrais Method®. Over the 20 years of my work, I have practiced and studied thousands of Awareness Through Movement® lessons, taught nearly a thousand classes, and given thousands of private, Functional Integration® lessons.

I have personally benefitted from this work. I am convinced that had I not gotten into the Method that I would be quite feeble. Fortunately, that is not the case. I am well and doing what I want in life, and I have helped hundreds of other people do the same.

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Private Lessons - Functional Integration®

When I give a Functional Integration lesson, I can sense your unconscious movement habits and interact with them. Even when you rest, your habits are still active. Through my skilled touch and slow, gentle movements, I can sense where you move well and where you are limited. By using subtle variations, I introduce new ways for you to organize yourself at a neurological level. Your abilities and sense of well-being improve and problems diminish or resolve completely.

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Rates for Private Lessons:
$85 per Lesson; $375 for 5 Lessons ($85 each)

Payment Methods:
Cash, Check, Credit Card or Debit Card

Days and Times:
Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm

text - 303.709.0639 Send Email
Al Functional Integration

Class Lessons - Awareness Through Movement®

Feldenkrais Lesson

Regain Your Youthful Movement

Cerrillos In Motion at Cerrillos Station
15B First Street Cerrillos, NM 87010
When: Tuesdays, 10am & Thursdays 10:30am
Cost: $12 / Class, $60 Six-Session Punchcard
Payment: Cash, check or credit card.

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One of my greatest passions is teaching Awareness Through Movement. We are sensing, feeling, thinking and moving beings. The interplay of these four systems are explored in Awareness Through Movement. It's not just about movement or awareness. It's about the many ways organizing consciousness can have long-lasting beneficial health effects for us. It's a way of exploring who we are and improving ourselves at the very fundamental level of our neurology.


“Al’s expertise with the Feldenkrais Method has changed my life. They wanted to replace my hip, but now I can move that hip completely without pain. I continue to be amazed at what this Method can accomplish”

Tina Downing / Longmont, CO

A therapeutic relationship is central to self-perceived improvement. Mr. Wadleigh models all aspects of the healing role, allowing me to self-discover my abilities and self. It has been a privilege I hope to sustain. Thanks, Al!”

Gregory Jaramillo, MD / Salude Medical Center, Longmont, CO

“My first hip replacement went very badly. But after my first lesson with Al, I had NO PAIN in my hip. Three years later and after many lessons, I am a completely changed person. Al’s Feldenkrais lessons have made me whole again.”

Miriam Holly / Longmont, CO

Download Feldenkrais Exercises

High-Quality Pro Audio, Excellently Taught Lessons for Your Home Study.


by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

Separate and integrate the movements of your eyes, jaw, head, and knees. Ease TMJ issues and discover new freedom of movement in the neck and shoulders.

MP3 Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson.


by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

A simple and intriguing lesson filled with detailed awarenesses with lots of space for sensing your personal experience while integrating the movements of the shoulders with the head, and the movements of the hip with the head and the shoulders.

MP3 Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson.


by Al Wadleigh, GCFP This fun and fascinating lesson creates a strong skeletal sense of yourself with vibrations relaxing muscles and improving posture. MP3 Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson.


Al Wadleigh

Covering the Eyes


by Al Wadleigh, GCFP

In this lesson, the excitation of the optic nerve is calmed allowing for the emergence of blackness in the visual field when the eyes are covered.

MP3 Download, 1 Feldenkrais Lesson.