The Feldenkrais Store – v10

Well, here we are. Version ten of, The Feldenkrais Store.

It seems like about every two years technology changes, and I change, in such a way that I need to update my store and website.

I am very excited about this release. I believe it will provide a much better experience for you, as the user of my store, and a much better experience for me, the owner and manager of the store.

Here are some key features:

  • A robust customer account
  • View your recent orders
  • Manage your shipping and billing addresses
  • Edit your password and account details
  • Access your downloads – Stream your downloads on your phone or tablet
  • Keep a wishlist of item you want
  • More downloads! I have added MP4 video downloads of (almost) all of our DVDs

What’s to come:

  • Online training and classes
  • Improved email services – Select the types of email you want to receive
  • Social Login – Login with Facebook, Twitter, PayPal or Google

And there is a lot more in the works. Much of it on the back end. Suffice it to say that I will be spending more time on marketing, site improvements, and product development.

I hope you enjoy the store. I welcome your comments!

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