Feldenkrais Video Gallery

Introductory Videos

We've selected some of the best videos to give you a solid introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. Featured are some short documentaries, lectures and some excerpts of Dr. Feldenkrais himself teaching. Watch these videos to get a sense of how the Method works and what the expected benefits may be.

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement is a series of verbally guided, gentle, and organized movements typically done on the floor. These lessons guide your awareness toward sensing your own movement patterns, exploring new ways of moving, and integrating more choice into your movement habits. Almost all the products we sell on this site use Awareness Through Movement as the basis for teaching Feldenkrais Lessons.

Functional Integration

Functional Integration lessons are a one-to-one approach tailored to the client’s unique needs and organization. Through skilled manipulation, the client is slowly and gently moved in ways that deeply influence organization at a neurological level. Through these lessons, overall functioning and sense of well-being improve and problems diminish or resolve.