What if? You knew how to adapt!

What if? You knew how to adapt!

What if? You knew how to adapt!

Media: 6 CDs or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    What if you had a zillion dollars? What if you met the partner of your dreams? What if you could do whatever you wanted to do?

    “What ifs” were always the words that were rich in my own fantasy life … until I broke my leg skiing. I quickly discovered a deeper meaning to Moshe Feldenkrais’ famous words: “Movement is life and without movement life is unthinkable.”

    What if you couldn’t do what you wanted? What if you were constrained in some unexpected way? What if your movement choices were diminished? And … WHAT IF YOU KNEW HOW TO ADAPT?

    In this audio program, utilizing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons, you will discover how you can adapt, adjust and transform the difficult into the easy. You will come to understand how a limitation can be the means to new action. You will realize that the cup that seems half empty is actually half full of new possibilities.

    Program Includes:

    1. Introduction / What if... you knew how to adapt 11:37
    2. ATM 1 - Finding the Front of your heel 49:48
    3. Differences / A bad adaptation / What can help us heal / Changing the standing leg 04:30
    4. ATM Intro 04:54
    5. ATM2 - Connecting your head and your pelvis #1 32:33
    6. Feeling safer / Where does your neck begin and end? 02:47
    7. A question about the last lesson / It‘s the ability...not the age / Small movements / ATM Intro 05:27
    8. ATM 3 - Puzzle #1 33:44
    9. Feeling different things / Confusion... / Measures of success 02:27
    10. ATM 4 - Connecting your head and your pelvis #2 39:38
    11. Which way should it be? / ATM evolves / Our compass... / Learning how to learn / Winning the lottery / Stress / What else... 19:31
    12. ATM5 - Using the ground to move yourself 54:54
    13. Connection with the ground / Feeling ourselves...to feel less 03:40
    14. ATM 6 - Connecting your head and pelvis #3 47:30
    15. Watching young children move / Blind spots / Thinking vs. just doing it 04:05
    16. A question about stretching, core, plateaus & novelty 07:49
    17. ATM 7 - Puzzle #2 27:55
    18. Doing what we didn‘t know we can do / Our resources...our skeleton & the ground 02:35
    19. ATM 8 - Up from the ground through your skeleton 30:08
    20. Nice differences! & Goodbyes 01:32
    Complete recording time: 6h 27:03

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