Wake Up Your Spine

Wake Up Your Spine

Wake Up Your Spine

Media: 3 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 5 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    If you have ever had a twinge in your back, these lessons are for you!

    This Wake Up Your Spine audio series is about turning around the axis of your spine. We often protect ourselves in the act of turning and inhibit movement. No one wants to feel anything pull or tweak! As a result, turning is one of the most limited, protected motions we make. It is also one of the most uneven uses of the spine: Most of us turn only with the top, bottom or middle part, leaving numerous vertebrae completely out of the picture!

    Learning to use the whole spine in turning is one of the most advantageous skills we can develop in our overall movement potential. It also creates more safety, as it lets us respond more quickly and easily to sights and sounds. Lastly, it promotes ease in things like driving the car, putting away the dishes, or running a marathon. Whatever your activity, these lessons can help.

    Benefits of Wake Up Your Spine:
    • Overcome movement limitations
    • Regain lost flexibility
    • Improve range without strain or stretching
    • Turn more efficiently while you drive, put away dishes, or work at the computer
    • Improve torso movements in in skiing, running, cycling, or dancing

    Program Contents:

    1. Introduction to Wake Up Your Spine - 5:26
    2. Side Lying - Rolling Whole Self from Head - 30:26
    3. Side Lying - Turning Arm Behind #1 - 36:13
    4. Side Sitting #1 - 31:55
    5. Side Sitting #2 - 31:36
    6. Side Lying - Turning Arm Behind #2a - 28:02
    7. Side Lying - Turning Arm Behind #2b - 37:38

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