Vocal Integration with The Feldenkrais Method

Vocal Integration with The Feldenkrais Method

Vocal Integration with The Feldenkrais Method

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    Vocal Integration explores the movements and sounds of our childhood that prepared and determined our current vocal abilities, and utilizes them to further the natural development of our voice.

    Improve speaking and singing by emulating the kind of movements and sounds that infants use to develop their voices. Enhance your voice by reprogramming the neuromuscular patterns that are the building blocks of vocal functioning.

    While introducing the main functional elements of vocal production, the lessons are designed to provide:

    • A healthy foundation for extensive speaking and singing.
    • An internal understanding of holistic vocal functioning.
    • Unique resources to overcome speech or breathing difficulties.
    • An extraordinary way of improving self-confidence.

    Watch an Interview with Richard Corbeil

    Program Contents:

    CD 1: Exploring Long Sounds

    1. Introduction - 09:20
    2. Reference - 05:07
    3. Breathing - 34:10
    4. Vocalizing - 09:38
    5. Modulating - 16:59
    6. Assessment - 03:59

    CD 2: Articulating Short Sounds

    1. Intro and Reference - 04:57
    2. Scanning - 02:43
    3. Lips and P - 18:03
    4. Tongue and T - 17:51
    5. Throat and K - 13:43
    6. Involving Vocal Folds - 06:36
    7. Assessment - 04:39

    CD 3: Organizing Vowels

    1. Intro and Reference - 04:36
    2. Scanning - 07:04
    3. Opening for Vowels - 38:04
    4. Focusing Vowels - 13:04
    5. Assessment - 01:02

    CD 4: Accessing Resonators

    1. Intro and Reference - 05:35
    2. Channeling Airflow - 14:09
    3. Humming - 31:56
    4. Boosting Vowels - 13:51
    5. Assessment - 03:22

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    I'm on my third time through the program. Each lesson a revelation and workout. I'm so pleased and grateful to undertake this. Such a rich exploration. And I love love love the invitation to record my voice at the beginning and end of each lesson. It gives me tangible proof of changes in my vocal capacity. [There's a cool example of that on YouTube. Old but inspiring].
    Mary NSW 2025 AU NSW
    I am loving the vocal integration CD's. The exploration of breathing and making sounds has been very valuable to help me become aware of what my body is doing when I'm speaking....I'm dealing with spasmodic dysphonia and I'm certain this is going to help tremendously. It already has just going thru it once. I am so grateful to have found Feldenkrais this year! -Suzanh
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