Twenty Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Twenty Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Twenty Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Media: Book, Wire Bound or eBook, 73 Pages, 20 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    The Twenty Awareness Through Movement® Lessons book is both a learning and a teaching tool. These classic lessons are ideal for practitioners and students of the Feldenkrais Method® looking for additional material to present to public classes where there is little or no prior experience of the Method.

    Erin presents the lessons in a straightforward, easy-to-learn format. Each lesson is broken down into (1) orientation, (2) movement suggestion, and (3) sensory reference, all of which are noted with clear instructions in three columns.

    Many practitioners and students have found this format beneficial for exploring the logic of Awareness Through Movement lessons. Working with lessons when they are explained in this way offers an opportunity to deepen your understanding and felt sense of their natural coherence.

    Table of Contents

    1. Classic Flexion (knees to chest, pressing back into floor) - Download this lesson now
    2. Extension Using Diagonal Lines (raising head and limbs on stomach)
    3. Counter Rotation in Side Lying (by bringing arm behind torso)
    4. Coordination of Flexors and Extensors, version 1
    5. Low Back Strength: Extension
    6. Extension and Balance: Pivoting From Stomach to Sitting
    7. Effortless Side Bending
    8. Pelvic Circles on Back
    9. Side Bending and Hip Rotation on Side
    10. Shoulder and Hip Circles on Side
    11. Side Bending and Extension on Back
    12. Coordination of Flexors and Extensors, version 2
    13. Rotation and Extension on Side
    14. Side Bending on Back (sliding head and expanding ribs)
    15. Side Bending on Side (lengthening and shortening leg)
    16. Rotation on Side by Pressing Ribs
    17. Expanding Ribs by Extending Arms Overhead
    18. Flexion in Upper Chest
    19. Rotation on Stomach by Tilting Legs
    20. Integrating Shoulders on Stomach

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