Trilogy, vol. 2

Inside Touch

Trilogy, vol. 2

Trilogy, vol. 2

Inside Touch
Media: 12 DVDs in a binder with a data CD which includes a study guide, articles and SPIFFER notes
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  • Product Description

    What Makes the Feldenkrais Touch Unique and Effective?

    Inside Touch reveals the repertoire of Functional Integration® — from skeletal contact, directional touch, kinesthetic conversation, the listening hand, and tactile tracking to the most advanced techniques. Exploring the strategies, tactics and techniques that comprise Functional Integration lessons, you learn how touch teaches, while refining hands-on sensitivity and developing your tactile intuition. Doing Awareness Through Movement® lessons that examine the relationship of the hand and arm to the center, you learn about how you engage in touch, recognizing and starting to move beyond the influence of your habits.

    • Recognize what students need and discover how to engage their curiosity
    • Cultivate hands-on sensitivity, skill and strategy
    • Learn what makes a lesson a lesson ... and how to turn that knowledge into persuasive, lasting learning

    What Every Practitioner Needs to Know:

    • Turn "figuring out what to do" into a way to inspire curiosity and facilitate learning
    • Guide students to appreciate their problems and challenges in the context of larger patterns
    • Learn to recognize and effectively use the seven aspects of movement
    • Deepen your sensibility and develop evocative, skillful touch
    • Transform roadblocks and setbacks into learning opportunities
    • Give memorable, meaningful lessons
    • Table of Contents

      10 DVDs, 1 CD
      • DVDs 1-3

        Disc 1
        • Overview
        • 3 aspects of Feldenkrais touch
        • Evaluation as reference movement
        • LAB 1: Pushing through the Arms
        • Demonstration: Key position
        • Demonstration: Jiggling the spine
        • LAB 2: Jiggling the spine
        Disc 2
        • Demonstration: Review key position
        • Demonstration: A knuckle alternative
        • ATM®: Arm to the side
        • LAB 3:¬†Pushing through the arms
        • ATM in 5 acts
        • Understand a lesson before teaching it
        Disc 3
        • Demonstration: Freeing the shoulder
        • Where the arm begins
        • LAB 4: Freeing the shoulder
        • Discussion: transmission of force in arm
        • Start pretty, end ugly
        • ATM to FIsm
        • Demonstration: Differentiating shoulders
      • DVDs 4-6

        Disc 4
        • Self-use
        • Demonstration: FI in prone
        • LAB 5: Hooking the muscles
        • ATM: Arms like a rope
        Disc 5
        • Discussion: Analysis of ATM
        • Discussion: Working prone
        • Demonstration: Differentiating shoulder in prone
        • LAB 6: Differentiating shoulder in prone
        • Creating relevance
        Disc 6
        • ATM: Chicken wings
        • Discussion: What ATM is ABOUT
        • Move/Hold
        • Demonstration: Move/Hold
        • LAB 7: Move/Hold
        • Demonstration: Refining technique
      • DVDs 7-10

        Disc 7
        • Discussion: Strategy
        • Demonstration: Twisting towel in prone
        • Demonstration: Anatomy of pushing
        • LAB 8: Ring of Iron
        • LAB 9: Lifting the head
        • ATM: Airport lesson
        Disc 8
        • Demonstration: Lengthening in prone
        • LAB 10: Lengthening in prone
        • Demonstration: Refining technique
        • Demonstration: Pushing through T1
        • Demonstration: On skeleton
        • LAB 11: Pushing through T1
        • Skeletal contact
        • LAB 12: Skeletal Contact
        Disc 9
        • LAB 13: Supporting the "habit"
        • Demonstration: Pushing through T1
        • LAB 14: Pushing through T1
        Disc 10
        • Improving technique
        • Refining self-use
        • Clarifying strategy
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    • What People are Saying

      "The Trilogy lets us get back to the very basis of our learning as Feldenkrais practitioners. It offers a fresh view on what it is that we actually do in ATM® and FI. With the SPIFFER structure, what we see becomes clearer, and together with the broad space given for practicing FI, more clarity in touch emerges."
      - Monika Vogelmann, Physician and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bad Segeberg, Germany

      "Larry is a teacher who teaches that it is individuals — and not groups — that learn. Thus learning in The Trilogy not only takes place in the actual workshop day, but also in the time between the segments. One gets great ideas for one's own process while having a lot of fun learning!"
      - Corinna Eikmeier, Cellist, Musician and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Hannover, Germany

      "For me personally, enrolling in The Trilogy was an important step. But I only discovered this after I had joined the training (after two sessions). Now my work has new quality: I would say much more clarity in how I see and understand the work and teach lessons."
      - Jacek Paszkowski, Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Warsaw, Poland

      "I love Larry's models. His distillation of the Method into recognizable categories helps my teaching in so many ways: my ability to assess and understand movement improves, my communication gets richer, I have a much larger palette of directions, cues and teaching strategies to choose from, and I become better at guiding my clients to discover aspects of themselves that they don't yet know. SPIFFER, the 'Seven C's,' and the other maps from The Trilogy have given me a truer, deeper understanding of the underpinnings of Feldenkrais lessons."
      - Frederick Schjang, Feldenkrais Teacher and Pilates Instructor

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