Travel and Fly More Cofortabley

Have a Comfortable Flight
Simple Exercises to Stay Flexible While in an Airplane Seat
Media: 1 CD in a Jewel Case or MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $15.99
Description: This audio program is designed to be played while you're sitting in your airplane seat. These simple, tiny movements that can help prevent stiffness, reduce discomfort and keep circulation moving, even on a long flight.
A Healthy Back
In Less than 20 Minutes a Day
Media: 1 CD in a Binder or MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $16.95
Description: Four Feldenkrais exercises use gentle body movements to increase spinal flexibility and range of motion while relieving tension, stress and pain.
Active Chair Sitting
Media: MP3 Download, 5 Lessons
Price: $14.95
Description: For anyone who works at a desk, computer, or just sits in a chair, this course informs you in how to transform poor habits into an easy upright healthier way to sit, move around and improve posture.