The Walking Way

Stepping Into Awareness

The Walking Way

The Walking Way

Stepping Into Awareness
Media: 6 CDs or MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons and 5 Qi Gong Meditations
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    Increase Health, Vitality and Resilience!

    The Walking Way: Stepping Into Awareness is a truly original program you can use to increase well-being while cultivating awareness. In The Walking Way, Carrie Lafferty (Physical Therapist, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, and Master Healing Qi Gong Teacher), uses 26 years of experience to bring together the very old Chinese practice known as Qi Gong with a 20th-century system of movement education called The Feldenkrais Method®.

    The Feldenkrais Method uses movement exploration to change functional behavior and self-image. Learn to release unconscious and often uncomfortable habits by developing an awareness of how you move. Carrie has created six walking Awareness Through Movement® lessons, pairing each with a Qi Gong meditation.

    Gong means to study or to cultivate; Qi is the vital life force. Practicing Qi Gong fosters ease in your body, between your body and mind, in your connection to others, and in your connection to nature. Carrie's meditations foster in you the inherent Qi of nature's five basic elements: water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

    In undertaking the Awareness Through Movement lesson and then the Qi Gong meditation, you may become aware of a spiraling connection between them. This ever-deepening spiral is the very point. Awareness Through Movement lessons and Qi Gong meditations are merely vehicles by which you develop awareness for the entirety of your life. Every moment spirals into deeper discernment. Action harmonizes to intent, giving rise to wisdom, efficiency, and ease.

    Program Contents:

    CD 1: Endure
    • Lesson 1: Growing Forward and Backward with Graceful Ease: 49:08 Min.
    • Meditation 1: Wood Element: 14:05 Min.
    CD 2: Clarity
    • Lesson 2: Creating Side-to-Side Dynamic Simplicity: 49:51 Min.
    • Meditation 2: Metal Element: 7:11 Min.
    CD 3: Transform
    • Lesson 3: Burning Brightly Between Sky and Ground: 48:45 Min.
    • Meditation 3: Fire Element: 8:06 Min.
    CD 4: Nurture
    • Lesson 4: Connecting Soul to Earthly Sole: 46:02 Min.
    • Meditation 4: Earth Element: 6:25 Min.
    CD 5: Flow
    • Lesson 5: Connecting to the Sustaining Flow of Wisdom: 45:33 Min.
    • Meditation 5: Water Element: 11:21 Min.
    CD 6: Potentiality
    • Lesson 6: Expanding to Know Interconnection Within: 61:09 Min.

    "Masterly combining the art of Feldenkrais somatic education and the wisdom of Qi Gong, Carrie's lessons lead us step by step to better feel the connections between consciousness in movement and the unfolding of our inner life. A rich learning experience!" - Richard Corbeil, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Feldenkrais Trainer

    "Carrie Lafferty brings her personal study to life, offering a rich environment to learn and train in. Few have put into practice these two practices so that they enhance each other." - Jeff Haller, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Feldenkrais Trainer

    "Carrie Lafferty has profound knowledge about Qi Gong and transmits powerful healing Qi to her clients and students." - Master Liu He, Ling Gui International Healing QiGong School

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