The Power of the Pelvis

The Power of the Pelvis

The Power of the Pelvis

Media: 2 CDs in a Jewel Case or MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    The Power of the Pelvis is an audio program designed to activate and enliven your vital center. The pelvis can be a source of spontaneity and joy, or the seat of challenge for anyone who has had an injury, illness or trauma that has compromised pelvic mobility. Athletes, martial artists and performing artists rely on its power for peak performance.

    The lessons in this audio program have been chosen for their ease, effectiveness and ability to integrate the function of the pelvis into daily activities. This program is for anyone desiring greater ease of movement, increased vitality, and a better understanding of the pelvis’ role in a satisfying life.

    Program Contents:

    1. Introduction - 7:05
    2. The Center of Everything - 18:58
    3. Spinal Chain - 19:49
    4. Activating Your Pelvic Floor - 22:54
    5. Freedom to Move - 20:29

    "These are simple, basic and relaxing sessions that could be an excellent adjunct for home use early in the treatment of the patient with pelvic floor or spinal dysfunction or with pelvic pain syndromes." - Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy

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    I came across "The Power of the Pelvis" because I have a prolapsed. I know the movements were not for this, but on the other websites I explored for help, I was confused about what was happening. I am in great shape, but I felt I had lost control. Some said no kegals, others said it was a must. All I discovered was that I did not understand my pelvis and had no clue who or what to listen to or what to do. So I gave this a try, because sound functional movement makes sense to me. I had done yoga, somatic and the Alexandra Method {?} before. This- The Power of the Pelvis- not only help me become more aware of myself and what was happening with my pelvic but it opened The Feldenkrais Method to me. I feel like I had found myself again and everyday I make the time to rediscover myself. I love moving and my body.
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