The Breath Connection

Relax, Revitalize, Rebalance

The Breath Connection

The Breath Connection

Relax, Revitalize, Rebalance
Media: 2 CDs or MP3 Download, 5 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    How can we get the most out of the air we breathe?

    If you are reading this, then you are breathing, an act that takes place without much thought up to 29,000 times a day. This nourishment comes free of charge, revitalizing your blood, your cells and your brain all day and night. But sometimes life's challenges can interrupt this natural process. Injuries, illness and stress all affect the way we breathe, often creating less than optimal habits that impact health and the emotions.

    We know that the act of breathing is essential for survival. But your breath can also affect your posture, your mood, your sleeping and even your metabolism. This program offers you a unique approach to understanding your breathing choices and consequently, improving the quality of everything you do. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons are gentle, enjoyable movement experiences, developed from over 40 years of research. Lavinia Plonka, who has been a movement specialist for over 35 years, connects the lessons with research and commentary to enrich your experience.

    The Awareness Through Movement lessons are short enough for you to be able to enjoy them during a break in your day, yet comprehensive enough to give you a rich, somatic experience connecting your breath to other daily functions and activities.

    Program Contents

    1. Introduction - 6:14
    2. Lesson 1 - Room to Breathe - 9:58
    3. Where Does the Breath Move? - 3:28
    4. Lesson 2 - The Moving Parts - 17:06
    5. Everything is Vibration - 5:12
    6. Lesson 3 - Breath and Sound - 11:01
    7. Inspiration / Respiration - 3:31
    8. Lesson 4 - Your Lungs Are in There! - 15:26
    9. Breath and the Emotions - 5:46
    10. Lesson 5 - Quieting the Breath - 0:51
    11. Conclusion

    "Lavinia's knowledge of human bodies, minds and how they interact astounds me. She capably transfers intricate core connections through a series of movements that impart great ease and deep relaxation. Those fortunate enough to experience Lavinia's sessions will benefit immediately from the experience, and not have to wait for results."
    - Bruce Stewart, CEO

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    What a delicious course of breathing lessons is Lavinia Plonka’s “The Breath Connection”! In this CD, she guides you through five lessons, interspersed with valuable information about the mechanics of breathing, anatomy, vibration, how the emotions affect the breath—and how the breath can positively affect your emotions. Lavinia’s presentation is uniformly clear—you won’t have trouble understanding these instructions. She is always warm, and often humorous. And it is wonderful to hear the full, rich instrument of her voice, giving the learner confidence that this teacher deeply embodies what she teaches.
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