Singing With Your Whole Self

The Feldenkrais Method and Voice

Singing With Your Whole Self

Singing With Your Whole Self

The Feldenkrais Method and Voice
Author: Samuel Nelson, Elizabeth Blades-Zeller and Amy Walts (Illustrator)
Media: Book, Paperback, 184 Pages
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    This book teaches performers to use the Feldenkrais Method® to ameliorate problems of tension, muscle strain and illness in order to attain optimal vocal performance. Singing With Your Whole Self contains an important and unique feature: modularized Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® lessons. These are specifically designed for liberating function in all musicians and in singers in particular. Modularized lessons allow the user to choose between functionally useful short segments or entire lessons. The first part of the book presents the theory explaining why this approach works in an easily understood and concrete fashion. The remaining chapters explore our anatomy by area and explain usage problems and how these relate to singing; lessons throughout revolve around improving performance. Includes an index both by lesson and by problem, referring performers to the lessons most effective for a specific problem.

    • Table of Contents

      • Preface
      • Acknowledgments
      Chapter 1: Overview
      • Relating the Feldenkrais Method to the Teaching of Singing
      • Overview of the Feldenkrais Method
      • Key Ideas in the Development of the Feldenkrais Method
      • Kinesthetic Imagination
      • Relationship of This Work to Pedagogical Literature
      • Awareness Through Movement (ATM)
      • Introduction to the Lessons
      • Mini-ATM: Freeing the Neck to Turn Freely
      Chapter 2: Control and Letting Go
      • Active Control
      • Allowing or Passive Control
      • ATM: Weights and Levers
      • Tension and Function
      • ATM: Taming Tongue Tension
      Chapter 3: The Base of Support
      • The Role of Feet and Legs
      • ATM: Balance in Standing
      • Using the Floor
      • ATM: The Connection of Feet Through to Head
      • High Heels
      • Leg-Length Differential
      • A Simple Exercise: Strengthening the Adductors
      Chapter 4: Intention and Effort
      • Intention
      • Efforting
      • Power and Potential
      • Reversibility Principle
      • The Whole Is Not the Sum of the Parts
      Chapter 5: Pelvic Power
      • The Pelvis
      • Vocal Context: Powering from the Power Base
      • ATM: Pelvic Clock
      • The Pelvis in Sitting
      • ATM: The Role of the Pelvis in Sitting Erect
      Chapter 6: Breathing
      • Mechanics of Breathing
      • ATM: Breathe and Find Your Center
      • Recovery from Illness
      • ATM: Lengthening the Lungs
      Chapter 7: Upper Trunk Flexibility
      • The Upper Trunk
      • ATM: Freeing the Ribs
      • The Midspine
      • ATM: Lateral Flexion
      • Scoliosis
      • Mini-ATM: Evening the Sides
      Chapter 8: Shoulder Girdle and Arms
      • Shoulders and Breath
      • ATM: Reaching Out
      • Shoulder Tension
      • ATM: Shoulder Release
      Chapter 9: Head and Neck
      • Positioning the Neck
      • ATM: Relating Head and Pelvis
      • Role of the Head in Vocal Production
      • ATM: Relating Shoulders, Neck, and Jaw
      • Headaches
      • Mini-ATM: Releasing the Neck
      Chapter 10: Hands and Mouth
      • Relationship of Hands and Tongue
      • Shoulders and Hand Tension
      • ATM: Magic Hands
      • Imaginary Warm-Ups
      • The Mouth
      • ATM: Softening the Mouth
      Chapter 11: The Eyes
      • Role of the Eyes in Movement
      • Releasing Minor Neck Cricks
      • Visual Tension
      • ATM: Releasing the Eyes
      • Glasses
      • Ocular Muscles and the Sinuses
      • ATM: Eyes Relate to Jaw
      Chapter 12: Pedagogical Uses for This Volume
      • Student Use
      • Group (Class) Voice and Ensemble Rehearsal Use
      • Teacher Use (Private Studio Voice)
      • Appendix: Functional Integration®
      • Glossary
      • References and Resources
      • Index of Lessons
      • General Index
      • About the Authors
    • What People are Saying

      "Divided into small units that can be undertaken by people who do not have large amounts of time at their disposal, the exercises are described simply and clearly and are accompanied by helpful drawings."
      - Choice

      "The book is exceptionally clear and eminently practical. The authors' explanation of the Feldenkrais Method is lucid and succinct, the lessons are laid out in a format that is easy to follow, and the diagrams aid in understanding the movements...Singing with Your Whole Self is a valuable volume, both for those who have been previously introduced to the Feldenkrais Method, and for those unfamiliar with this type of body work."
      - NATS Journal of Singing

      "While stating that the book is intended as a handbook, there is much to stimulate the intellect within its pages...Nelson and Blades-Zeller are highly qualified and experienced in pedagogy...As the saying goes, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating". This writer attempted the exercises that were appropriate to his technique, finding a high success rate."
      - Australian Voice

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