Sex The Feldenkrais Way for Women

Sex The Feldenkrais Way for Women

Sex The Feldenkrais Way for Women

Author: Donna Ray
Media: 1 CD in a Jewel Case or MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    Have you ever experienced in the periphery of your sexual perception the possibility of a full-body orgasm? An orgasm that is deep, palpable, available, enjoyed again and again rather than just some ephemeral once-in-a-lifetime experience that you've been waiting for?

    In the 1940s, a medical doctor named Arnold Kegel developed a series of exercises for women with urinary problems and women who had poor muscle tone in their vaginas. These sequences were actually adapted from sexual exercises practiced in India for thousands of years. Most women have heard about Kegels and know that they can help women have longer, deeper, more profound orgasms, in some cases even making sex enjoyable for the first time.

    Now Donna Ray, Feldenkrais Trainer and psychotherapist, has integrated Feldenkrais lessons with Kegel exercises, magnifying the power, breadth and scope of sexual proficiency available to women.

    Program Contents:

    1. What is the Feldenkrais Method®? An Interview with Donna Ray - 9:38
    2. Sex - The Feldenkrais Way for Women - 2:35
    3. The Pelvic Floor - 0:44
    4. Getting Ready - 0:29
    5. Intro: Tuning in to the Ebb and Flow of Your Sexual Desire - 0:21
    6. Lesson: The Tidal Forces of Sex (seated) - 10:32
    7. Intro: Exploring the Circle of Arousal - 0:15
    8. Lesson: Powering Up Your Sexual Generator (circling the pelvis) - 14:20
    9. Intro: Global Orgasms - 0:28
    10. Lesson: Posturing for Sex (lying down) - 10:24
    11. Intro: Can Feeling Sexy be Taught or Learned - 0:20
    12. Lesson: Sexy Moves (hands sliding) - 13:30

    Author's Comment: "As a psychotherapist I gained a great deal of clinical, first-hand knowledge about women and their sexual challenges. Continuing Dr. Kegel's work and combining it with the Feldenkrais Method, I am presenting a system of verbally directed lessons that revitalize the female sexual experience. The results can be spectacular!" - Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T.

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