Running and Walking

Connecting with the Earth
Media: Article
Excerpt: Human beings and our hominid ancestors have walked upright for over three million years — mostly barefoot on natural terrain, in a continuing and intimate relationship with the Earth beneath their feet.
The Runner's Abs
Media: Article
Excerpt: If you think that your abs should act like a girdle to hold your pelvis still, [you are mistaken]. Abs can do that, but that action interferes with your running.
Core Integrated Walking for Health and Fitness
Media: 1 DVD in a Binder
Price: $35.00
Description: This easy-to-follow instructional program is designed to restore efficient gait and walking stride; reduce the wear factor of body joints due to mechanical stresses and misalignments; improve the quality of walking as the principal human exercise for fitness and wellness.
Walking with Ease and Power
Media: MP3 Download, 5 Lessons
Price: $14.95
Description: Learn true upright and efficient walking, normal or fast-paced. Sense how you use your legs, hips, spine, shoulders and arms to erect your spine and walk with lightness and coordination.
Find Your Legs
A Class for Athletes
Media: 1 MP3 CD or MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $59.95
Description: What if you could translate all your muscular effort into efficient action? Reaching your full potential means learning how everything works together.
The Core Action Program
for Runners and Triathletes
Media: MP3 Download, PDF Transcripts, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $55.00
Description: Conventional approaches to "core stabilization" do not take into account the biomechanical needs of runners and often increase effort and decrease performance. These three movement lessons will teach you how to move your core to reduce stress on your joints and make your running light, easy, enjoyable and powerful.
Running with the Whole Body: Book
A 30-Day Program to Running Faster with Less Effort
Media: Book, Paperback, 170 Pages, 11 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $16.95
Description: Learn a series of Feldenkrais lessons that will enable you to make dynamic improvements in your running, walking and hiking help you to become a smoother, more powerful athlete.
Running with the Whole Body: Audio
The Running Program That Will Increase Your Speed & Duration
Media: 4 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download with an 8-page booklet, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $49.95
Description: Running with the Whole Body retrains your brain and muscles to change your limiting habits, improving your strength, coordination, distance and speed.
Walking: Nature's Perfect Exercise
Media: Book, Paperback, 117 Pages, Illustrated
Price: $24.00
Description: Walking doesn't have to be an uphill struggle! Within the pages of Walking: Nature's Perfect Exercise, you will find guidance and exercises to help you walk more efficiently — whether you are crossing the street, going up and down stairs, or hiking on trails.
The Walking Way
Stepping Into Awareness
Media: 6 CDs or MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons and 5 Qi Gong Meditations
Price: $80.00
Description: The Walking Way: Stepping Into Awareness is a truly original program you can use to increase well-being while cultivating awareness.
The Art of Slowing Down
A Sense-able Approach to Running Faster
Author: Edward Yu
Media: Book, Paperback, 218 Pages, 20 Lessons
Price: $17.95
Description: Running faster can, in this light, be seen as an issue of learning to become more sensible — that is, more "sense-able" through playful and systemic exploration of movement.
Radically Transformative Running
A New Approach to an Age-Old Activity
Author: Edward Yu
Media: Article
Excerpt: Most experts overlook the fact that real improvement occurs through learning — that is, making full use of the brain and nervous system.