Riding with the Whole Self

Riding with the Whole Self

Riding with the Whole Self

Author: Paris Kern
Media: 7 CDs with Booklet, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    Equestrians of all skill levels will find this program innovative, fun, educational and effective for improving their skill, recovering from injury or simply riding more comfortably.

    Riding with the Whole Self uses specific Feldenkrais lessons to address the unique needs of equestrians. These audio lessons are designed for both the advanced dressage rider as well as the casual backyard enthusiast at all levels of fitness.

    These lessons will help you develop the ability to self-regulate and adjust your riding posture from moment to moment. Horses respond to the information transmitted from your pelvis, feet, legs, back, arms and hands. These signals must be precise. But often riders unintentionally give mixed messages that confuse the horse. With Riding with the Whole Self lessons, you will gain the tools to recognize when and how this happens and how to be more focused and precise. This precision will lead to less fatigue and more comfort for both you and your horse.

    The first six lessons are to be done at home either lying or sitting on the floor or a chair. The last two lessons are done mounted.

    Areas addressed are:

    • Balance - equalizing the use of the two sides
    • Posture
    • Strength and power - discovering and properly utilizing the power center of the pelvis
    • Breathing
    • Differentiation - the use of discreet parts of the body without the interference of others
    • Flexibility and relaxation

    Lessons Include:

    1. Easier Turning - 1:05:55
    2. Freeing Your Hip Joints - 54:31
    3. Ribs for Bending and Stabilizing - 50:14
    4. Finding Balance - 51:59
    5. Soft and Light Arms - 48:42
    6. Bringing it all Together - 55:01
    7. Lengthening the Legs (Mounted Lesson) - 25:09
    8. Effortless Sitting (Mounted Lesson) - 24:30

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    This is a great program of Feldenkrais for the equestrian. Being already well practiced in Feldenkrais in general, I have already experienced great improvement in my riding. This program really focuses on connecting the sensations of the movements to riding. I highly recommend this.
    Laurie Raleigh NC
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