Recovering from Shoulder Injury

Recovering from Shoulder Injury

Recovering from Shoulder Injury

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    Relieve pain and stiffness, regain ease and power.

    Shoulder injury is common in our culture. The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile in our body, and overuse or poor use can cause pain and discomfort. For example, lifting weights puts enormous strain on the shoulder joint. Sitting at a computer creates tension across the upper back and neck. Using the arms to transmit force in athletics or martial arts can end up damaging ligaments if it does not move through the joint and disperse into the skeleton. Even cycling and skiing can be improved by using the arms better.

    Most suggestions for healing shoulder injury center around stretching, strengthening, injections, and occasionally surgery. The Feldenkrais Method® provides new patterns of movement so you can let go of poor self use and painful habits. You can increase ease and reduce strain. By being more efficient in distributing the force, shoulders become more powerful and more refined in their function.

    Use these Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons to take charge of your own learning and improvement. Full of personal discoveries and wonderful "aha" moments, they take you on a journey into your own awareness of how the shoulders, ribs and spine move in powerful, effortless unison.

    Get help with:
    • Chronic holding
    • Pain
    • Numbness and tingling
    • Tension and stiffness
    • Poor posture
    • Stiff ribs
    • Tense neck
    • Aching upper back

    Lessons Include:

    1. Reaching and Rolling - 41:31
    2. Wings on Ribs - 32:26
    3. Reaching Like a Skeleton - 29:44
    4. Tilting Legs, Rolling Torso - 31:18
    5. Rolling Long Arms - 32:31
    6. Side Bending - 25:24
    7. Lifting Shoulders, Arms Behind - 32:35
    8. Rocking and Turning, Self Hug - 31:43
    9. Lifting Four Corners - 30:50
    10. Rotating Lower Arms - 30:45

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