Professional Feldenkrais Training

Seattle Eastside VI Feldenkrais Training
Educational Director: XplorAction
Type: Feldenkrais Professional Training Program
Description: Open to people from all walks of life, this training is a unique experiential learning process by which one not only undergoes a personal renaissance, but also learns the skills necessary to begin a professional Feldenkrais practice designed to help people by applying the relationships between neuromuscular re-education, brain plasticity, motor learning and aptitude to the service of their health and well-being.
The New York Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Program 2015-2018
Educational Director: David Zemach-Bersin
Type: Feldenkrais Professional Training Program
Description: The Feldenkrais Training Program will give you the tools for improving your own health and well-being, while gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to help others, as an accredited Feldenkrais Practitioner. Them Feldenkrais Method is internationally recognized for its remarkable ability to access the power of the nervous system to create change and improvement.