Product Review: Five Lessons in Functional Integration

Product Review: Five Lessons in Functional Integration

Product Review: Five Lessons in Functional Integration

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    In the DVD set, Erin Learns to Walk Better, Jerry Karzen illuminates the thinking behind Dr. Feldenkrais's Functional Integration® strategy with a small child who has cerebral palsy. Each disc has one lesson with the commentary, and then the same lesson without commentary. In the lessons with commentary, Mr. Karzen chose to pause the lesson while he describes Dr. Feldenkrais's approach, which takes a 45-minute lesson to an hour and twenty minutes.

    The first comment I have about this DVD set is technical: the sound is very low. I had to listen to it with earphones to get a clear sense of what was being said. Following that, I would highly recommend it. Mr. Karzen's comments lead the viewer to a much deeper sense of the lesson than I expected. For example, he places Dr. Feldenkrais's movements in a developmental context — not just in the context of an individual's sensorimotor development, but in the context of the development of the human species overall. This lends a depth and richness to the commentary and for me it brought more attention to the ways Dr. Feldenkrais was layering movement relationships for the child.

    The commentary is neither idle nor obvious. It added new ideas to think about and created a thread for me to follow throughout the lessons. In addition, I imagine it presents Mr. Karzen's thinking about the method in particular, which is always interesting to hear. On one level, it feels like having a fruitful, creative discussion with a colleague — albeit one with many more years experience than me!

    Watch a clip from the video and purchase the DVD set here.

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