Posture with a Purpose

A Whole-Self Approach to Improving Posture

Posture with a Purpose

Posture with a Purpose

A Whole-Self Approach to Improving Posture
Media: MP3 Download, 4 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    The way you move both informs and is informed by the way you act, think and feel. Restrictive habits in movement and posture inhibit your natural body intelligence and limit your freedom of true self-expression in action. Improving your posture isn't about stretching or exercising or holding your body in the "right" position. Improved posture arises organically from ways of moving and being that are natural and feel good. Posture with a Purpose utilizes directed attention and sensory-motor exploration to help you discover your best posture and live your best life.

    There are no rules to remember, no exercises to feel guilty about not doing. These lessons will help you transform sensory-motor exploration into learned improvement and healthy habits that you'll keep for life. Perfect posture is within you, and practiced mindfulness and self-awareness can help you set it free.

    Program Contents:

    1. Lecture 1: Before You Begin - 13:25
    2. Lesson 1: Responsible Standing - 58:14
    3. Lecture 2: Posture - 13:10
    4. Lesson 2: Sitting on a Clock - 38:34
    5. Lecture 3: Habits - 14:38
    6. Lesson 3: Hands Sliding on Legs - 36:53
    7. Lecture 4: Potential - 11:22
    8. Lesson 4: Getting Grounded - 56:01

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