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    Move Over Anxiety has been developed from the teachings and movement exercises created by Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

    Feldenkrais talked and wrote extensively about anxiety from the 1930s to the time of his death in 1984. He believed every single person was affected by anxiety, and that our response to anxiety was one of the biggest contributors to our difficulties.

    Early on, Feldenkrais recognized that our daily actions were greatly affected by our response to threat. He also understood that these reactions could linger long after the initial threat had passed. He believed that we would carry some element of our responses on to all actions that followed, and we'd get used to feeling anxious. Feldenkrais used movement explorations to help develop people's awareness. He then challenged people by giving them novel movement sequences and asking them to move with particular attention to detail. His ultimate aim was to teach people how to live what he called a more potent life.

    This program is aimed to help you discover how YOU are personally affected by your reactions to stress and anxiety. You might like to get rid of your anxiety and just feel free and calm right now, but in order to do that, you first need to know what you are already doing. It's like trying to ride a bicycle uphill on the highest gear. You can't feel more freedom until you realize what you're doing and that you can change. Noticing the gears need changing is using your awareness, changing them is taking action, choosing the best gear to meet your capabilities is acting with awareness.

    This series begins by teaching you HOW to develop your awareness. It then takes you through movement exercises that calm the nervous system. Once your nervous system knows how to quieten, we then show you some different ways of moving and acting. These take you outside your usual habits and offer you new empowering solutions. And we finish by looking at how it can be applied to everyday actions in small and easy ways.

    Program Contents:

    CD 1

    1. Welcome - 2:00
    2. Introduction - 9:15
    3. Scanning for Comfort - 8:57
    4. Releasing the Jaw - 10:59
    5. Finding Your True Limits - 6:52
    6. Your Personal Anxiety Pattern - 15:16
    7. Your Personal Anxiety Pattern - Talk - 3:06

    CD 2

    1. The Initial Habit of Anxiety - 24:25
    2. Feeling Small and Tall - Introduction - 5:05
    3. Feeling Small and Tall - 24:36

    CD 3

    1. Breathing with 3 Diaphragms - Introduction - 2:34
    2. Breathing with 3 Diaphragms - 21:19
    3. Breathing with 3 Diaphragms - Talk - 2:56
    4. A Flexible Spine for a Flexible Mind - 26:37
    5. A Flexible Spine for a Flexible Mind - Talk - 2:08

    CD 4

    1. Waking Up Well - 9:04
    2. Upright and Grounded - 34:07
    3. Connecting It All - 15:51
    4. Goodbye - 0:56

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