Mid-Summer's Dream ATM Intensive, Vol. 4

Journey to Sitting

Mid-Summer's Dream ATM Intensive, Vol. 4

Mid-Summer's Dream ATM Intensive, Vol. 4

Journey to Sitting
Media: 2 MP3 CDs or MP3 Download, 20 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    Journey in Sitting marks the fourth installment in Dennis and Carol's deep exploration of Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) in their Mid-Summer's Dream Intensive series.

    In this ATM workshop you will intimately explore, from multiple perspectives, the movements and shapes that form a trajectory toward the function of sitting. The diversity of lessons developing from various positions and relationships to gravity, stimulate curiosity, an expansion of the self-image and a potent sense of self-determination in action.

    Benefits from this workshop's lessons are plentiful and indispensable to those of us who long for more comfort, vitality and versatile power in sitting.

    Lessons Include:

    1. Folding and Unfolding
    2. Rocking to Sit
    3. Head Forward & Backward
    4. Head Side to Side - Seated
    5. Arms, Legs, Torso Bending
    6. Gently Twisting on Side
    7. Crawling
    8. Sitting Legs Crossed
    9. Arms, Legs, Torso on Diagonal
    10. Breath Shaping the Chest
    11. All Fours
    12. Spine - Subtle Distinctions (Seated)
    13. On Elbows & Forearms
    14. Sitting & Lying
    15. Arm Around in Lying
    16. Half Seated (Chair)
    17. Standing on the Knees - Power Sitting
    18. Legs 360 º (Seated)
    19. Sitting Legs Long
    20. Folding & Unfolding (Chair)
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