Metaphors of Identity

Operating Metaphors & Iconic Change

Metaphors of Identity

Metaphors of Identity

Operating Metaphors & Iconic Change
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    How do we know what to want? Our desires, deepest longings, even our hidden fears, are shaped (and revealed) by unconscious metaphors in our everyday language. Life is a Game. Life is a Problem. Life is an Uphill Struggle. Life is an Adventure. These Operating Metaphors™ reveal what the world means to us. They determine our beliefs, values, actions, lifestyles, even our identities.

    Edited from a live seminar, this audio seminar presents a complete day of training and transformational experiences of this new metaphoric approach to awareness, change, and personal and professional development. Also included are follow-up interviews with two participants whose lives changed dramatically as a result.

    Program Includes:

    • Metaphors and the Mind
    • How unconscious metaphors determine our desires, values, beliefs and identities.

    • Discovering Operating Metaphors Part 1
    • How to recognize an individual or company's Operating Metaphors from ordinary language.

    • Discovering Operating Metaphors Part 2
    • How to recognize an individual or company's Operating Metaphors from personal possessions, actions or lifestyles, and appreciate its importance.

    • Iconic Change
    • Processes to clarify, enrich, or totally transform your Operating Metaphors for fuller and more satisfying experiences in your relationships, work and life.

    "How often does someone offer you a key to the door of subjective experience? Charles Faulkner's Metaphors of Identity is just such a key." - David Gordon, Co-Developer NLP; author, Therapeutic Metaphors

    "One secret to personal growth is to change the metaphors you live by. These clever, excellent tape sets offer clear, effective techniques to recognize and change the story lines that drive you." - Thomas Condon, Co-Director Multi-Evocation Cassettes

    "A stunning look at metaphors and their relationship to everyday life. Grasp their profound meaning from these seminars on tape." - The Book Reader

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