Making the Impossible Possible

Rare & Advanced Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Making the Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible

Rare & Advanced Awareness Through Movement Lessons
Media: 13 CDs in a Binder, 13 Feldenkrais Lessons, 4 Talks
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    Intriguing and compelling!

    "Awareness Through Movement lessons are designed to improve ability, that is, to expand the boundaries of the possible, to turn the impossible into the possible, the difficult into the easy and the easy into the pleasant." - Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

    Over his lifetime, Dr. Feldenkrais created over a thousand varied and fascinating Awareness Through Movement lessons. Some of his lessons are extremely dynamic and challenging and rarely taught. This new audio recording from David Zemach-Bersin contains 13 highly unusual and interesting Awareness Through Movement lessons. Many of the lessons in this set are not to be found in the Alexander Yani transcripts. Some of them are from special Friday afternoon classes for teachers that Dr. Feldenkrais taught at Alexander Yani, which David attended.

    In this series David presents three classes of challenging lessons:

    • Lessons that are physically challenging
    • Lessons that are cognitively challenging - requiring thinking and imagining
    • Lessons that challenge coordination with complex variations

    David’s teaching throughout this series is clear and concise. He conveys the unique Awareness Through Movement lessons in a way that enables each person to discover successful strategies for making seemingly difficult and challenging situations easy, comfortable, satisfying, pleasurable, invigorating and rewarding.

    Listen to this introduction by David:

    Program Include:

    1. Introduction to Volume I - 7:16
    2. A Longer Spine from Above and Below - 65:08
    3. Integrating Breath and Movement - 37:48
    4. Using Your Eyes to Free Your Back - 53:47
    5. Easy Standing on Your Head - 65:10
    6. Balancing Your Head - 53:00
    7. Improving the Mobility of Your Chest - 55:15
    8. Expanding Your Abilities - 73:36
    9. Introduction to Volume II - 3:32
    10. Mobilizing Your Hip Joints - 36:35
    11. Talk: Emotions and the Value of Challenge - 24:33
    12. Talk: The Vertical Orientation in Walking - 5:48
    13. Making the Impossible Possible - 71:41
    14. Fully Engaging Your Back, Softly - 75:46
    15. Organizing Your Head and Neck Like a Baby - 70:23
    16. Advanced Spine Like a Chain - 55:20
    17. Kill 'em or Cure 'em - 56:00
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