Improve Your Balance and Ability to Fall

The Art of Falling
Media: Article
Excerpt: Whether in our dreams, our feelings or in our actions, falling is representative of so much of who we are and what we do.
The Paradox of Unstable Stability
Or Who the Hell Needs Balance?
Media: Article
Excerpt: This article addresses the human aspect of stability during movement. Stability is the foundation of human action in a changing environment, and it is this foundation that allows the existence of the principle of homeostasis.
The Potent Self
A Study of Spontaneity and Compulsion
Media: Book, Paperback, 288 Pages
Price: $15.95
Description: Feldenkrais delves deeply into the relationship between faulty posture, pain, and the underlying emotional mechanisms that lead to compulsive and dependent human behavior. He shares remarkable insights into resistance, motivation, habit formation, and the place of sex in full human potential.
Body and Mature Behavior
A Study of Anxiety, Sex, Gravitation and Learning
Media: Book, Paperback, 180 Pages
Price: $16.95
Description: Feldenkrais' fascinating perspective on gravitation and the anti-gravity mechanism, and of the effects of emotion (especially anxiety and the attitude to sexuality) on posture and on personal patterns of movement.
Media: 4 CDs in Binder or MP3 Download, 7 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $60.00
Description: What is the relationship between falling and safety, risk, creativity, enhanced abilities and a life that is a little bit easier? Through Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® we will look at the benefits we may derive from a deeper understanding and experience of falling.
May the Force Go Through You
Media: 6 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $60.00
Description: Find your skeleton, learn to bear weight and transmit force through it, and discover new ways to interact with your environment.
Media: 8 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons
Price: $60.00
Description: Balance is a dynamic process. Your sense of balance is continually responding and adapting to the ever-changing situations in your life.
Dynamic Stability
Synergy of Martial Arts and the Feldenkrais Method, Vol. 1
Media: 1 DVD in a Binder
Price: $40.00
Description: Develop your ability to respond to the changing environment, determine your personal space and protect it with confident action.