Ideas in Action, vol. 3

Improving Balance & Developing Coordination

Ideas in Action, vol. 3

Ideas in Action, vol. 3

Improving Balance & Developing Coordination
Media: 16 DVDs in a binder with a data CD which includes workshop manuals and ATM® transcripts
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    Organized around the theme of improving balance and developing coordination, this comprehensive DVD series will help you learn the structure and strategy of Functional Integration® (FIsm) lessons. Explore the theory and practice of the Method by teaching lessons around a specific functional theme. Develop an understanding of not just what to do, but why. Each phase of a lesson is presented in technical detail with an explanation of the reasoning behind it. Following the same logic as a musical score, Ideas in Action brings to light the compositional sense, technical organization and experiential processes that underlie effective, unforgettable learning.

    You will learn, step by step, what to notice and how to respond. This fosters a deep appreciation of the grammar and syntax of lessons necessary to become a reflective practitioner. The finer points of technique and self-use, are clarified.

    "Thanks for the different models for guiding the learning process and supporting the communication between practitioners. I have a new, much deeper understanding of the Method that is concrete and powerful. It's exciting to now know that my understanding and skills are going to continue to get better and better. I already notice the impact of the 5 days on the ATM®s that I gave yesterday and the FIs today — that is amazing, really amazing! Larry's way of teaching is fun, precise, extremely open and at the same time guided by his past "errors" that he generously shares. I have become aware of the 'things that I'll do wrong'. It was especially great in the second segment to use simple 'well-known' moves in FI as a way to move towards a deeper appreciation of technique, simpler & more efficient self-use and to improve the quality of the dialogue between practitioner and student."
    - Lynn Bullock, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Paris, France

    In this program you will:

    • Cultivate movement observation abilities
    • Refine hands-on sensitivity and skills
    • Develop better self-use
    • Study classic lesson composition
    • Learn FI scores and strategies
    • Enhance creativity and intuition
    • Become a more effective educator

    Join with one or more practitioners in a study group using Ideas in Action as a part of your self-directed study to gain Continuing Education Credits toward your Feldenkrais Practitioner Certification.

    • Table of Contents

      5 Segments, 19 DVDs, 1 CD
      • Segment 1

        Disc 1
        • Course Overview
        • Development of the Concept
        • Clarifying Goals
        • Balance and Orientation
        • Setting the Stage for Learning
        • Sitting Evaluation
        Disc 2
        • Refining Technique
        • Working in Pairs
        • T.O.M.
        • The Wobble Zone
        • Finding Your Bias
        • Training Intuition
        • Ancient 5-Handed Technique
        • In Which Joints?
        • Changing Shape of Spine
        • ATM: Etch-a-Sketch
        Disc 3
        • ATM: Continued
        • What Comprises a Lesson
        • 4 Clues to What a Lesson is About
        • What is the ATM About?
        • Different Perspectives of a Lesson
        • C vs. S Curves
        Disc 4
        • Guided Exploration
        • Continue Working in Quartets
        • Learning to See-Feel
        • Evaluation Sets the Stage
        • FI Practice
        • Lifting the Head
        • Wrap Up and Homework
      • Segment 2

        Disc 1
        • Comments on Comments
        • Differences That Matter
        • Feldenkraisian Logic
        • Beyond the Personal
        • Moshe Feldenkrais' Friend: Fast Tom
        • Sources of Support
        • Using the Feldenkrais Toolbox
        • Holding the Head
        • Moving Head F and B 1
        • The Teacher's Balance
        Disc 2
        • ATM: A Dynamic Stance
        • The Head F and B, Redux
        • Organization Matters
        • 4 Roles
        • Head F and B with Coach
        • Learning Together
        • Needing Each Other
        Disc 3
        • ATM: Missed Stepping Stone
        • Lift the Head Again
        • Listen to the Echo
        • An Everywhere Thing
        • Fruits of Frustration
        • Listen to the Echo 2
        • ATM: Peck Like a Chicken
        Disc 4
        • ATM: Pecking, Continued
        • The Echo, Revisited
        • Pattern of Pecking
        • Benevolently Devious
        • Pecking ATM > FI
        • Helpful Hints
        • Round 2 Instructions
        • Pecking ATM > FI 2
        • Helpful Hints
        • Clarity of Intention
        • Pecking ATM > FI 3
        • Wrap Up and Homework
      • Segment 3

        Disc 1
        • When Is Feldenkrais?
        • Of a Principle
        • Mind-Mapping
        • Applying Ideas to Balance
        • Balancing
        • Power of Simple Questions
        • The Discussion
        • Participant Observer
        • Compelling Questions
        • Another Toolkit
        Disc 2
        • ATM: Taking Hips Back
        • ATM: Exploration
        Disc 3
        • Rolling Heads
        • Willing or Reluctant?
        • Three Perspectives Considered
        • Distribution of Rolling
        • A Variety of Approaches
        • ATM: Hip Joints Backward
        Disc 4
        • ATM: Hips Back Continued
        • Understanding Length
        • Balance, Action and Perception
        • Rollers
        • Balancing on a Roller
        • Synopsis
        • Round 2 on a Roller
        • Tips for Working Smarter
        Disc 5
        • Rollers are Tools
        • Round 3
        • Honor Constraints
        • Synopsis of Labs
        • ATM: Balance on a Roller
        • Final Comments
      • Segment 4

        Disc 1
        • On One Leg
        • Learning Over Time
        • Series and Grand Themes
        • Roller Lesson Redux
        • Observe a 2nd Time
        • Hip Joints in Context
        • Rocking the Pelvis
        • Refining Technique
        • Rounds 2 and 3
        • Clarity of Questions
        • Pulling Knees
        • Refining and Building
        Disc 2
        • Adding to the Lesson
        • The Pelvis Prefers ...
        • The Value of Challenge
        • Uses for Roller Lessons
        • Increasing Comfort
        • Refining Technique
        • Questions and Comments
        • The Lesson so Far
        • Feldenkraisian Strategy
        • How to Lift a Head
        Disc 3
        • Elaborating the Pattern
        • Addressing the Ribs
        • Arguing for the Limit
        • What Might Interfere
        • Supporting Arching
        • Translating the Head
        • Recap, Homework and Closing Comments
      • Segment 5

        Disc 1
        • Welcome and Feedback
        • Appreciating Challenges
        • Balance in Review
        • Division of Labor
        • Questioning Balance by Moving Head
        • Where is the Weight?
        • Explore Head Motion
        • Using Cognitive Dissonance
        • Round 2
        • The Standing Leg
        • Standing Leg Clues
        Disc 2
        • Fishing for Feet
        • Standing Means ...
        • The Ankle = 2 Joints
        • Round 2
        • Reinforcing Standing
        • To Consider Tonight
        • The Feldenkrais Method and Exercise
        • Emphasizing Movability
        • Gesturing Leg Gets Jigglier
        Disc 3
        • Frogging vs. Standing
        • Free the Free Leg
        • As Above so Below
        • Head Over Standing Leg
        • What Comes Next
        • Putting it all Together
        • A Cautionary Tale
        • The Other Leg Stands
        • Putting it all Together
        • Wrap Up
        • Study Guide
        • "Why Robots Fall Down"
        • MP3 Versions of ATMs
        • SPIFFER Articles
        • What to Do If: Experiencing Technical Problems?
    • Watch Larry's Introduction

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