Ideas in Action, vol. 1

Improving Standing and Walking

Ideas in Action, vol. 1

Ideas in Action, vol. 1

Improving Standing and Walking
Media: 16 DVDs in a binder with a data CD which includes workshop manuals and ATM® transcripts
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    Organized around the theme of standing and walking, this comprehensive DVD series will help you learn the structure and strategy of Functional Integration® (FIsm) lessons. Explore the theory and practice of the Method by teaching lessons around a specific functional theme. Develop an understanding of not just what to do, but why. Each phase of a lesson is presented in technical detail with an explanation of the reasoning behind it. Following the same logic as a musical score, Ideas in Action brings to light the compositional sense, technical organization and experiential processes that underlie effective, unforgettable learning.

    You will learn, step by step, what to notice and how to respond. This fosters a deep appreciation of the grammar and syntax of lessons necessary to become a reflective practitioner. The finer points of technique and self-use are clarified.

    "Larry showed me again with how much ease and fun learning can happen!"
    - Roswitha Rath, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Graz, Austria

    In this program you will:

    • Cultivate movement observation abilities
    • Refine hands-on sensitivity and skills
    • Develop better self-use
    • Study classic lesson composition
    • Learn FI scores and strategies
    • Enhance creativity and intuition
    • Become a more effective educator

    Join with one or more practitioners in a study group using Ideas in Action as a part of your self-directed study to gain Continuing Education Credits toward your Feldenkrais Practitioner Certification.

    • Table of Contents

      5 Segments, 16 DVDs
      • Segment 1

        Disc 1
        • Introduction
        • Creating a Context
        • Walking the Sagittal Plane
        • Sequence, Path and Foundation
        • Styles of Walking
        • Ask First Rule
        • Exercise: Observing Walking and Discussion
        • Refining Observation
        Disc 2
        • FI Demo
        • Pushing Through the Tibia
        • Picking Up the Leg
        • Exercise and Discussion
        • ATM®: Jello Pudding
        Disc 3
        • Review of ATM and Discussion
        • C7/T1: 2 Views
        • Meaningful Action
        • Question about FI Technique
        • FOR and ABOUT
        • Creating Context for a Lesson
        • FI Demo: Rocking the Pelvis
        Disc 4
        • Aligning with the Central Axis
        • Making Technique Disappear
        • Lifting the Head and Neck Through T1
        • Demo of Technique
        • Function Before Structure
        • Putting it Together
        • Homework
      • Segment 2

        Disc 1
        • Recap Since Last Segment
        • How Easy, Not How Far
        • The Sagittal Plane
        • Review of Prologue
        • Review of FI
        • Demo: Exploring Movement of the Foot
        Disc 2
        • ATM: Crawling with Your Elbows
        • Paired Exercise and Discussion
        • Demo: Moving the Pelvis
        • Demo: On Skeleton
        Disc 3
        • Hip Joint to Hip Joint
        • Making the Neck Disappear
        • Demo: On Skeleton
        • Demo: Adding Movement in the Frontal Plane
        • Lesson Overview
        • Technique Demo
        • Homework
      • Segment 3

        Disc 1
        • Recap Since Last Segment
        • Working with the Neck
        • Refining Technique
        • Movement in the Frontal Plane
        • ATM
        • Decoding the ATM
        Disc 2
        • Demos of Group Explorations
        • Changing Variables
        • Exploring Frontal Plane
        • Questions
        • Beginning the Lesson
        • Shifting Side to Side While Holding T1
        Disc 3
        • Walking Holding T1
        • Explorations in Pairs
        • Standing Leg
        • Demo: FI Techniques
        • Homework
      • Segment 4

        Disc 1
        • Review
        • The Standing Leg
        • Inversion/Eversion
        • Checking Rotation of Hip
        • C-Spine and T1
        • The Frontal Plane
        • What Makes a Lesson Effective
        • Lifting the Foot
        • Criteria for Choosing a Lesson
        • Movement of Ankle
        • Finding Neutral in Hip Joint
        Disc 2
        • Fishing for Feet
        • ATM
        • Sequence and Skeletal Geometry
        • Questions
        Disc 3
        • Question of Directionality
        • Translating the Head
        • Movement in the Frontal Plane
        • C vs S Curves
        • Which Side is Short?
        • Closing Comments
      • Segment 5

        Disc 1
        • Observing Walking and Standing
        • C and S Curves
        • Fishing for Feet
        • Standing Leg with Structural Asymmetry
        • Testing Hypothesis on the Table
        Disc 2
        • Testing Hypothesis on the Table
        • Strategic Thinking
        • Where Do You Go from Here?
        • In, Opposite, Across Plane of Movement
        • Themes, Strategies, Tactics
        • LAB Tag-Team FI
        Disc 3
        • Discussion of Exercise
        • Compositional Choices
        • With, Across and Opposite
        • Value of Repeating Movement
        • Techniques, Tactics and Strategies
        • Closing Comments
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