Healthy & Dynamic Legs

For Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Freedom from Pain

Healthy & Dynamic Legs

Healthy & Dynamic Legs

For Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Freedom from Pain
Media: 13 CDs in a Binder or MP3 Download, 21 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    21 Benefical audio exercises for restoring healthy and efficient function of your hips, knees, feet and ankles. Gain a new, functional understanding of the alignment, control and dynamics of the entire lower body, pelvis and spine.

    Effective re-education is one of the keys to a successful rehabilitation process. The functionally oriented exercise and education approach offered by the Feldenkrais Method® can compliment and advance your neurological and orthopedic protocols. Based on principles of biomechanics, neurology and physiology, Feldenkrais techniques and exercises are uniquely designed to address the problematic postural and movement habits, which are embedded in your patient’s nervous system. This treatment approach addresses local injuries and pain through the coherent integration of the whole body in motion. The Feldenkrais Method can be used to restore normal movement in people of all ages and is applicable with clients of all fitness levels, from sedentary individuals to high-performing athletes.

    This program includes the following 21 therapeutic Feldenkrais exercises:

    1. Introduction 8:09
    2. Effortless & Upright Posture: Walking, Running and Jumping in Side-Lying 59:40
    3. Using your pelvis and trunk 19:33
    4. Using your knees 18:36
    5. Using your feet 20:47
    6. Smooth, Easy Movement 17:15
    7. Freedom in Your Spine 14:19
    8. All Together Now 19:18
    9. Shifting Weight for Effective Push-Off and Balance 20:12
    10. Bridging – Powerful Alignment 30:57
    11. Buttocks – Your Strongest Muscles 43:06
    12. Restoring “Forgotten” Movement: Foot Inversion and Spirals – Part 1 35:03
    13. Restoring “Forgotten” Movement: Foot Inversion and Spirals – Part 2 27:59
    14. Core Strengthening 46:36
    15. Painting with the Soles of the Feet: Integrating Your Skeleton in Movement 55:18
    16. Circles with the Knees in Side-Lying 45:00
    17. Safe Turning and Pivoting 52:04
    18. The Cardinal Movements of the Foot and Ankle 43:15
    19. Lengthening Hamstrings and Calves 26:07
    20. Improving Mobility of Your Hips on All Fours 49:50
    21. Four Points: Dynamic Balance 52:16
    22. Standing Tall – The Highest Point of Your Hips 56:18

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