Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 4

Your Back and Neck and Jaw

Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 4

Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 4

Your Back and Neck and Jaw
Media: MP3 Download, 2 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    Vol. 4 - Your Back and Neck and Jaw

    The Feldenkrais at Home Series uses safe, gentle, relaxing, non-impact movements for optimal skeletal alignment, physical mobility and a pain-free life. Free your back and neck from chronic stiffness and pain. Recover youthful posture and movement. All the movement sequences in this program serve to calm and focus the mind, and to increase the ability to concentrate.

    A comfortable and pain-free back is essential to feeling good and moving well. This simple and profoundly effective audio program introduces you to two special movements for the back and neck. The program also serves as an excellent warm-up or cool-down sequence before or after vigorous exercise because the movements balance your muscles and erase the effects of strain and fatigue.

    • Relieve physical pain
    • Improve posture and mobility at any age
    • Keep your brain young!
    • Recover from illness or injury
    • Excellent for athletes and performing artists
    Lessons Include:

    • 19. Relax Your Neck and Jaw
    • 20. More Variations on Spine Chaining

    "I found that your neck and jaw tape helped me significantly increase my level of comfort after suffering for weeks with mandibular joint dysfunction and acute pain in my jaw."
    - Vicky Evans

    " I developed rheumatism in my neck following a serious accident. I was amazed at the incredible difference of movement after doing only the first, one half hour movement sequence. I could move my neck with ease, comfort, and flexibility."
    - A. Marques-Christopher

    "I'm enjoying the "Upper Body" series a lot, as well as the "Your Back and Neck" cassettes. My neck is getting better, and my flexibility and skiing are improving."
    - O. Kopelman

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