Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 3

Improving Your Legs, Feet, Ankles, Spine

Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 3

Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 3

Improving Your Legs, Feet, Ankles, Spine
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    Vol. 3 - Improving Your Legs, Feet, Ankles, Spine and Hip joints

    The Feldenkrais at Home Series uses safe, gentle, relaxing, non-impact movements for optimal skeletal alignment, physical mobility and a pain-free life. Free your back and neck from a chronic stiffness and pain. Recover youthful posture and movement. All the movement sequences in this program serve to calm and focus the mind and to increase the ability to concentrate.

    Continue to improve your alignment and movement abilities by improving your base: legs, feet, ankles, spine and hip joints. To stand, walk, run or ski effectively, your pelvis must move freely and your posture must be excellent. This series of movements promotes the flexibility and comfort of your lower limbs and helps integrate them with your back and upper body.

    • Relieve physical pain
    • Improve posture and mobility at any age
    • Keep your brain young!
    • Recover from illness or injury
    • Excellent for athletes and performing artists
    Lessons Include:

    • 13. Improve Your Walking Even More!
    • 14. For Better Hip Joints
    • 15. Free Your Lower Back Through Arms and Legs!
    • 16. Improve Your Knees: A Lesson on All Fours
    • 17. Foot Circles while Lying on Your Stomach
    • 18. Arch Your Back for Better Posture

    "I have discovered possibilities in my body which I never imagined to be possible. Many thanks."
    - C. Guss, 75, Los Angeles,CA

    "Everything that my medical insurance covered was not any help to me. I had a chronic back pain until I found you. I feel you were a key to my healing."
    - M. Rosenbaum

    "I feel gifted. Your work gives me permission to be and allows me to heal and come together in wholeness. I feel freer because of the experience. Thanks so much."
    - G. Coriett

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