Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 2

Integrating the Chest, Shoulders and Arms

Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 2

Feldenkrais at Home Series, vol. 2

Integrating the Chest, Shoulders and Arms
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    Vol. 2 - Integrating the Chest, Shoulders and Arms

    The Feldenkrais at Home Series uses safe, gentle, relaxing, non-impact movements for optimal skeletal alignment, physical mobility and a pain-free life. Free your back and neck from chronic stiffness and pain. Recover youthful posture and movement. All the movement sequences in this program serve to calm and focus the mind, and to increase the ability to concentrate.

    Continue to improve your alignment by rediscovering the flexibility of your rib cage and by integrating the chest, shoulders and arms with your back and pelvis. These movement sequences help to lift and open the chest, improving your upper spine, ribs and shoulders. Everyone needs to be able to sit or stand with ease. This may be accomplished by using the pelvis to support the spine and free the shoulders and neck. By following these simple movements, you will learn to reduce and eliminate stiffness in the shoulders, arms and upper back.

    • Relieve physical pain
    • Improve posture and mobility at any age
    • Keep your brain young!
    • Recover from illness or injury
    • Excellent for athletes and performing artists

    • 7. Learn to Breathe Deeply! (Seesaw Breathing)
    • 8. Sit Well, Feel Well!
    • 9. Connect Shoulders to Hips for Faster Gait!
    • 10. Chest and Shoulder Differentiations
    • 11. Arm Movements for Better Shoulder Joints
    • 12. Improve Rib Cage and Pelvis and Move Young!

    "The movements truly relieve the pain in my back, and the techniques assist in almost instantly diminishing the pain that comes from prolonged sitting and standing."
    - Wayne Lowe, Company President

    "I am a singer. I use your Feldenkrais tapes regularly to increase my breathing capabilites and relax the tensions in my body that would otherwise interfere with my performances."
    - C.B., Hollywood, CA

    "Your tapes have been so important to me, and I feel that they have been the major reason that I rarely have back discomfort. Whenever I put on a tape, I am assured that I will feel like a new and revitalized person by the end of the tape. Doing the tapes is a constant education and awareness about how it all works together."
    - S. Spivey

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