Feldenkrais Portable Table

Feldenkrais Portable Table

Feldenkrais Portable Table

Manufacturer: Oakworks
Media: Feldenkrais Portable Table
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Price: $730.00
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  • Product Description

    The only storable Feldenkrais table on the market with a 550-pound weight capacity, the Oakworks® Feldenkrais table is as flexible as it is stable. The portable table provides up to a 40" by 78" working surface and easily stores out of the way in a super-compact suitcase sized space.

    Oakworks Feldenkrais Table

    For years, vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride, has been the standard for massage tables. Oakworks is proud to bring you our TerraTouch, a revolutionary, earth-friendly upholstery fabric, made from environmentally friendly, PVC-free premium polyurethane. We designed it with the best features for bodywork — a great memory to retain its shape, excellent abrasion and tear resistance, and high oil and cold endurance. It is also easy to clean, and only TerraTouch comes in a great palette of eye-pleasing colors.


    2 1/4" multi-layer, multi-density system for firmer support and comfort with easier portability. Designed for the best balance of lighter weight and comfortable support. We use semi-firm on our portable tables to determine their published weights.

    • Bariatric rated 550 pound dynamic load capacity
    • Independent telescoping height adjustment from 16"-25"
    • Ultra stiff leg bracing holds up under heavy lateral force
    • Space saving design folds up and can be easily stowed
    • 33", 35" and 40" extra wide width options available
    • The 40" Storable Mat includes the Oakworks exclusive Stabilizer Feet specially engineered to provide even greater stabilization of the table for large patient care and treatment.
    • The only storable mat table on the market with a 550 pound weight capacity, the Oakworks storable mat is as flexible as it is stable. Perfect for space constrained facilities where mat work is required, the storable mat table provides up to a 40" by 78" working surface while easily storing out of the way in a super-compact 35" and 40" suitcase sized space.
    Shipping and Availability

    Each table is made to order. The lead time for construction is usually three weeks. The table ships via FedEx Ground and only within the lower 48 states of the United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is extra. It will be shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse. The shipping charge is calculated into the price of the table.

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