Feldenkrais Articles

The Art of Falling
Excerpt: Whether in our dreams, our feelings or in our actions, falling is representative of so much of who we are and what we do.
Awareness Through Movement for Musicians
Author: Jack Heggie and Ellen Rose
Excerpt: Musicians, dancers, and athletes have attained better levels of performance with the help of the Awareness Through Movement® lessons.
Better Balance in Skiing
Excerpt: Do you have trouble with balance when you ski? Feel tight in your spine, hips and thighs? Here is an easy exercise series that will make you feel like a different person on skis.
The Bodywork Series: The Feldenkrais Method
Excerpt: Jack Heggie describes a Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson in which background in NLP played an important role.
Connecting with the Earth
Excerpt: Human beings and our hominid ancestors have walked upright for over three million years — mostly barefoot on natural terrain, in a continuing and intimate relationship with the Earth beneath their feet.
Moshe Feldenkrais' Work with Movement: A Parallel Approach to Milton Erickson's Hypnotherapy
Excerpt: There are striking parallels in the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Milton H. Erickson such as the importance of learning, the role of unconscious processes, utilization, indirect techniques, and pattern interruptions that each employs with a subtlety which defies verbal description and strains the powers of observation.
An Overview of the Feldenkrais Method
Excerpt: The Feldenkrais Method is a way of learning — learning to move more freely and easily, to carry less stress in your body, to stop doing the things that cause you pain.
The Process of Functional Integration
Excerpt: The work seems so gentle, so non-intrusive, that people often find its effectiveness surprising.
Good Posture and Good Skiing
Excerpt: You can't mistake a racer on the slopes. His grace, ease, and economy of movement immediately set him apart from the recreational skier.
The Runner's Abs
Excerpt: If you think that your abs should act like a girdle to hold your pelvis still, [you are mistaken]. Abs can do that, but that action interferes with your running.
Hands, Computers and You
Excerpt: We use them almost constantly. Yet, as with many aspects of our embodied lives, we often don't pay much attention to our hands and arms until we experience some discomfort or pain.
A Healthy Back Article
Excerpt: [Most of us] are unaware of our posture, how we are sitting, how much tension we are holding in our shoulders, how tight our necks are until it hurts too much. We wait until we are in pain before we take action to relieve it.
What is learning?  What is improvement?  What is Feldenkrais?
Author: Edward Yu
Excerpt: The Feldenkrais Method is a radical departure from conventional approaches to learning and improving.
Learn to Learn
A manual to help you get the best results from the Awareness Through Movement
Excerpt: To enable everybody — without exception — to learn, there should be plenty of time for everybody to assimilate the idea of the movement as well as the leisure to get used to the novelty of the situation.
How do we know what to want?
Excerpt: It is only in the last twenty-five years that people have rediscovered the value of stories. Back in the "age of sputnik", stories were relegated to the amusement of children and a diversion for old people. Serious people studied science for the facts.
The Feldenkrais Method Article
Excerpt: The Feldenkrais Method®, developed through 40 years of research by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is a revolutionary approach to understanding human functioning. It utilizes movement and attention as the vehicles for enhancing our natural abilities to learn, to change and to continue to grow throughout our lives.
Pelvic Health and Awareness for Women and Men Article
Excerpt: The pelvic floor is a part of your body that you rarely give thought to, that is, until you experience a problem related to it, such as incontinence or lower back pain.
Good Posture Flows from Self-Awareness
Excerpt: Most people think of posture in terms of alignment — proper posture means sitting or standing up straight, with your chest out and your shoulders back.
The Primary Image Article
Excerpt: Our whole self-image is incredibly complex — engaging a large proportion of the enormous capacity of our nervous system, constantly changing, and the subject of extensive scientific and philosophical debate!
The Feldenkrais Method - Movement for Actors
Excerpt: I was an actor, attended SUNY College at Purchase, and had the good fortune to work with people like Jerzy Grotowski (The Polish Theatre Laboratory) and Paul Sills (Second City and Story Theatre).
Interview with Alan Questel
Author: Tommie St. Cyr and Alan Questel
Excerpt: I'm fascinated with the idea of falling and all of its ramifications. I've actually been interested with the relationship between falling and creativity for over 20 years.
Radically Transformative Running
A New Approach to an Age-Old Activity
Author: Edward Yu
Excerpt: Most experts overlook the fact that real improvement occurs through learning — that is, making full use of the brain and nervous system.
Re-incorporandome a mi mismo Cartografia de una intervencion basada en el Metodo Feldenkrais
Excerpt: Tú estás ahora sentado en una silla frente a su computadora, o sentado ante las hojas impresas leyendo este artículo. ¿Eres conciente de la manera en que estás sentado? ¿Tienes las piernas cruzadas? ¿Descansas más el peso del cuerpo de un lado de la pelvis que del otro?
Some Thoughts on the Relationship Between: Vision, Proprioception and Kinesthetics
Excerpt: For good action, the visual system must be able to locate an object in space in relation to the body. In order to do this, the brain utilizes information not only from the eyes but also from the kinesthetic sense - that is, from the sensations of movement of the body.
Product Review: Five Lessons in Functional Integration
Excerpt: Mr. Karzen's comments lead the viewer to a much deeper sense of the lesson than I expected.
Skiing the Bumps
Excerpt: Skiing the bumps, as most people call mogul skiing these days, is an exciting challenge for an intermediate skier on his way to the expert level.
Skiing the Powder
Excerpt: Skiing in powder, say many skiers, is the ultimate ski experience. The feeling of lightness, ease and grace is incomparable.
Tai Chi and the Feldenkrais Method
Excerpt: When I met Moshe Feldenkrais in 1980, I had been doing Tai Chi for about 10 years, and had thought a lot about the lessons it has to teach about how we move and function in the world.
Tigers and Tunnel Vision
Excerpt: A tiger steps in front of you, less than 50 yards down the path! The world suddenly changes.
Training the Whole Person
Excerpt: Inadequate assumptions about how people learn too often cripple employee training programs. Inefficiency and low productivity are the undesirable results.
Choose The Walking Way
Stepping Into Awareness
Excerpt: How is internal power created? This type of power is not hierarchical and is recognized by us as a sense of grace, resilience, and an easy adaptability to the continuous changes that come forth.
Learning to Walk in Ski Boots
Excerpt: One of the problems that confronts beginning skiers is learning to walk around in ski boots. A few people feel so insecure when they first put on boots that they can barely stand up without support, and the prospect of actually dealing with skis and snow in addition to the boots is almost terrifying.
With Honor to Yochanan Rywerant
Last Student, Last Touch, Last Joke
Excerpt: Yochanan Rywerant began learning from Dr. Feldenkrais about the Method in 1952; I was then two years old. Many people learned from and followed Yochanan for decades. I was lucky to have the opportunity to become Yochanan's student and friend, during the last two years of his life.
The Paradox of Unstable Stability
Or Who the Hell Needs Balance?
Excerpt: This article addresses the human aspect of stability during movement. Stability is the foundation of human action in a changing environment, and it is this foundation that allows the existence of the principle of homeostasis.
Envisaging the Future of the Feldenkrais Method
Excerpt: Moshe Feldenkrais himself has been very keen in asserting that his Method is not to be considered another kind of physiotherapy or movement training. He was ridiculing the opinion of some people that considered his system as a kind of "body - work." He strongly believed that people can learn to have better control over their actions, and hence be healthier.