Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees and Ankles Series 1

Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees and Ankles Series 1

Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees and Ankles Series 1

Media: 4 CDs in a Binder, 8 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    This audio series for knee health consists of eight half-hour guided movement lessons utilizing the Feldenkrais Method® of Movement Education. The lessons are oriented toward those who wish to improve the functioning of their legs — specifically their knees and ankles. Most programs for the improvement of difficulties in the knees depend on strengthening. This educational program focuses on other issues critical to the health of knees and ankles, addressing such themes as improving the flexibility of all the joints in the legs for greater resiliency; how to reduce chronic tension that interferes with comfortable, healthy movement; how to distribute effort through the legs in order to reduce strain on particular joints; and the improvement of alignment through the joints. The Feldenkrais Method always works with individual joints in the context of larger movement patterns involving the whole person, thus focusing on overall posture will also be used to enhance the functioning of the knees and ankles. All lessons in this series are basic and gentle and are appropriate for those recovering from an injury. No prior experience with the Feldenkrais Method is necessary.


    1. Introduction and Sliding Legs with Ease - 29:04
    2. Sliding Legs with Ease 2 - 28:11
    3. A Mobile Pelvis Frees the Ankles - 29:22
    4. Circling the Ankles - 29:44
    5. Finding Stability for Strength Part 1 - 31:48
    6. Finding Stability for Strength Part 2 - 29:24
    7. Improving Walking while Sitting - 29:24
    8. Moving from Head to Foot while Standing - 30:56

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