Discover Easy Movement and Pain Relief

Discover Easy Movement and Pain Relief

Discover Easy Movement and Pain Relief

Media: MP3 Download, 6 Feldenkrais Lessons
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    Discover Easy Movement and Pain Relief is a complete program for learning how to move easily and recover from pain or injury. Six easy-to-understand Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons emphasize the value of being gentle in how you move and how you feel and think about yourself. As you follow Deborah's clear instructions, you will discover new connections between your pelvis, head and spine. You will learn to sense your breathing. Pain is often a result of how you are moving. Learning to sense your whole body in simple movements improves your awareness and carries over into all your activities.

    These lessons are ideally suited for beginners or for those recovering from pain or injury. They are used by many clinics and practitioners for 'home programs'. The Discover Easy Movement and Pain Relief program was developed for injured workers at the Delayed Recovery Center of the Occupational Health Clinic in San Francisco where Deborah worked as Director of Somatics. Deborah's Awareness Through Movement lessons have helped hundreds of people create more awareness and ease of movement, and can help you do the same.


    1. Basic awareness and easy twisting - 36:43
    2. See-saw breathing - 32:01
    3. Discovering habits and connecting parts - 38:24
    4. Easy hips and legs - 41:04
    5. Easy rolling - 31:30
    6. Gentle coordination of your shoulders and hips - 36:26

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